Wood County: Murder suspect to be arraigned

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An arraignment is scheduled for April 13 in Wood County Common Pleas Court to accept a plea from a Bowling Green man who has been indicted on three counts of murder, two counts of felonious assault, and one count of tampering with evidence.
David Cole, 30, was indicted April 6 by a grand jury. The charges stem from the March 30 death of Alicia A. Rosa and her unborn child.
Wood County prosecutor Paul Dobson said Rosa, 23, was reportedly in a relationship with Cole and it is believed the child she was carrying was Cole’s. He was arrested on unrelated warrants March 31 and is being held in the Wood County Justice Center awaiting arraignment.
The first two murder charges allege Cole purposely caused the death of Rosa and her unborn child. The third murder offense is charged in the alternative, meaning if Cole were to be convicted of all three, he would only be sentenced on two of the three charges.
Count three charges Cole with causing the death of Rosa as a proximate result of committing felonious assault. Counts four and five allege Cole caused or attempted to cause physical harm to Rosa and her unborn child by means of a deadly weapon.
The final count alleges Cole took steps to destroy or conceal evidence of his other offenses.
Each murder count carries a penalty of life imprisonment with parole eligibility after 15 years.
The felonious assault offenses carry penalties of up to eight years, and the tampering offense carries a penalty of up to three years.
With some offenses merging at sentencing, if Cole is convicted of all charges and all possible sentences run consecutively, he would face a maximum prison sentence of 33 years to life, Dobson said.
He credited the detective bureau of the Bowling Green Police Department for its diligence in assessing the crime scene and locating Cole.
Dobson and Tony Hetrick, chief of the Bowling Green department, said the case is still being investigated and additional or elevated charges could be imposed.
The family of Rosa has asked for privacy as they deal with their loss, Dobson said.


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