This Week In Toledo History

Jan 28 to Feb 3

January 28
1905 - Seven boys are released from the city workhouse after their mothers made desperate pleas for their release. The lads had been jailed for offenses ranging from picking up coal along the tracks or stealing chickens.
1977 - State of Ohio hit by severe cold, dropping temps to below zero. Governor James Rhodes orders businesses shut down because of natural gas shortage.
1978 - National Guard troops arrive at Toledo Express Airport with heavy equipment to begin helping area agencies dig out from the massive Blizzard of ’78 that still holds area in icy grip.
1986 - Toledo cartoon creator, Allen Saunders, originator of syndicated comic strips, Mary Worth and Steve Roper, dies at the age of 87.

January 29
1878 - Future car racing great Barney Oldfield is born in Wauseon. He later moves to Toledo where he became one of the first champion racers of bicycles and cars in the nation.
1905 - Classified ad in News Bee offers 70-acre farm, barn and house near Curtice for $4,000.
1924 -Toledo Police Detective William Julert dies while disarming suspect when weapon falls to floor and discharges.
1938 - The government jobs and public works program, the WPA, announces it will hire another 1,500 workers in Toledo.

January 30
1902 - Toledo fireman Ralph Westfall killed in blaze at Henry Rosen’s Junk Warehouse.
1914 - The new University of Toledo building opens at 11th and Illinois Streets in downtown Toledo.
1929 - Edward Williams, an elderly one-armed Toledo ash-man, saw his livelihood tumble into ruins when his blind horse backed up too far and plunged down a 75 foot embankment into the Maumee River. The horse was severely injured and Williams' wagon was left in pieces.
1935- Clarence Brown, 21, is arrested on Forsythe Street in East Toledo for masterminding a massive counterfeit money ring. Brown said he was raising money for medical school.
1945 - Tragic fire at 915 Indiana Ave. in Toledo when a heater exploded in a home and killed five children.

January 31
1905 - An East Toledo man was ordered to the state hospital for treatment after his wife said he was obsessed with eating snowballs and reading the Bible.
1922 - Prohibition triggers wave of alcohol poisoning from people trying to imbibe raw alcohol and spirits. Health department reports 300 poisonings and 20 deaths in previous year.
1932 - Toledo Fire Department truck and a city bus collide on Collingwood Avenue. Two firemen are killed. Captain Andrew Flynn and Bernard Orzechowsk of Number 16 Hook and Ladder Co.
1945 -A baby boy, only days old, is left abandoned in a cardboard box at a home on Ontario Street. Police are searching for his mother.

February 1
1908 - The Majestic Theater on South St. Clair Street opens. It was a silent movie house that later became a Harry's clothing store.
1922 - The Toledo News Bee sponsors a “first ever” radio concert broadcast from Toledo in a studio on Ontario Street. The concert featured singers from the Keith Theater and was heard as far away as Tiffin where it was heard by numerous listeners at the opera hall.
1942 - Toledo first-grader Barbara Lewis Lamont celebrates 12th birthday, with a bullet lodged near her brain. Shot accidentally in 1934, doctors feared surgery might do more harm than good. Girl said to be doing well in school.
1953 - Toledo’s Water Commissioner reports that city water use plummets during popular TV shows, then spikes when programs end. “I Love Lucy” ranked number one in this water ratings system.

February 2
1813 - The construction of Fort Meigs begins on the banks of the Maumee River by General Harrison as he prepares for battle with the British in the War of 1812.
1919 - Clark Street Methodist Church catches fire and sustains heavy damage.
1929 - The “new” Sandusky Bay Bridge is opened. Homing pigeons are used to send the news back to Toledo’s Mayor William Jackson (It is noted days later by the Toledo News Bee that only one of the birds ever made it back to Toledo).
1968 - Toledo clergyman Rev. Robert Ziemer is killed along with four other missionaries in Vietnam. Ziemer's wife is wounded in the attack.
1981 - Eighty fishermen trapped on ice floes on Lake Erie are rescued by coast guardsmen.

February 3
1900 - W.G. Brown, a wagon driver for Tiedtke’s store is severely injured in runaway wagon accident on Saint Clair Street.
1945 - Residents of Port Clinton eagerly await word from the Philippines where the Japanese POW camps are being liberated. Over 30 local men from Ohio’s 192nd Tank Battalion had been taken as prisoners at Bataan. Anxious families would soon learn that only 10 of the men survived the brutal death march to the camp and eventually were set free.
1950 - Ernest Tiedtke, one of the founding brothers of the famous Toledo department store, dies at the age of 77 in Florida where he was spending the winter.
1975 - Nationally known atheist, and opponent of compulsory school prayer, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, a 1936 graduate of Rossford High School, speaks to an audience at the University of Toledo and tells students she thinks all American churches should be required to pay taxes.

Notes and Updates; Thanks to Dick Nolte of Genoa whose parents owned the gas station on Woodville Road that was wiped out in a massive fire back in January of 1972. He was quick to point out that the tanker involved was hauling gasoline, not propane. Also want to thank everyone who ordered my book, "Day by Day in Toledo". Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


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