This Week In Toledo History

Lou Hebert

October 22
1908- Giant mosquitoes, as large as houseflies, reported to be stinging people on the lips in the Findlay area. Two women stung have had their eyes swollen shut.
1925- Mail theft reported at Toledo’s Union Station when thousands of dollars in securities and bond certificates are stolen from the mailroom.
1930 - Police raid a home in 200 block of Burbank where they find a “Beer Garden” that is elaborately decorated and every room is “equipped for drinking purposes”. The kitchen is stocked with bottles arranged neatly on shelves. The owner of the house is arrested.
1932 - President Herbert Hoover makes campaign stop in Toledo. More than 20,000 Toledo residents jam Union Station to see the President.

October 23
1855 - St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo is started by the Grey Nuns of Montreal, Canada.
1923 - At the Alhambra Theater in Toledo, the “death defying” Tom Mix stars in Desert Love, a “ripsnortin, spine tingling breathtaking tale of the grand and glorious old West”.
1926 -A 17-year- old boy bitten by a rattlesnake on Turner St. near his home is being released from the hospital Second rattler bite in Toledo in about a month.
1953 - Toledo’s Metropolitan Housing Authority votes to end segregation policies within its housing units.
1955 - St. Francis de Sales High School dedicated on Bancroft.

October 24
1895 - An Indian burial mound opened on farm of writer Henry Niles, east of Toledo near the lake shore. (Near present-day Maumee Bay State Park) News accounts say 20 skeletons are discovered, sitting in a circle and around them are a variety of Indian tools, beads and pots.
1926 - Toledo school teacher Lily Croy is murdered becoming latest victim of so called “Toledo Clubber.”
1929 - The Blue Bird Tavern at Point Place is invaded by a gang of two men and two women who customers say proceed to undress and “make whoopee” on the tables and then rob everyone in the place. The next day, police close down the Blue Bird for illegal sales of booze.
1943 - Babe, the elephant, the Toledo Zoo's most famous animal, suffers a stroke and is put to sleep. His remains are rendered for wartime munitions.

October 25
1895 - Marshal August Schultz of Tiffin is shot and killed in scuffle with gunman in rural Seneca County.
1902 - Typhoid outbreak reported on Lagrange Street. Residents say 15 people are stricken and blame the city for not keeping the sewers from backing up into water vaults.
1927 - Bread price war in Toledo. Loaves selling for five cents each.
1960 - Rossford businessman Frank Emmick sentenced to 30 years in prison in Cuba after being convicted of espionage. He is released in the 1970's and returns home to Toledo area.

October 26
1867 - Three-year- old Marie Lilly Bowers is abducted near Sandusky, reportedly by "Gypsies." She is found by her mother 14 years later, in 1882, living on the James Calkin farm in Genoa where she had been adopted and named Ida Bell Calkins. The Calkins family says an itinerant worker named "Jack" gave the child to them and they raised her as their own.
1926 - Police in Toledo round up mentally ill people as suspects in the "Toledo Slugger" murders.
1938 - The popular Walbridge Park amusements area on Broadway is devastated by a wind-fueled blaze that destroyed most of the rides, including the Speedway roller coaster and the carousels.
1966 -The American premiere of the movie El Greco is held at Valentine Theater in Toledo, featuring a live appearance from star, Mel Ferrer.

October 27
1887 - Businessman and Toledo promoter Jesup Scott predicts that Toledo will become the
"Great Metropolis of the West". A "future great city" surpassing Chicago and other major cities.
1895 - Mobs surround Seneca County Jail in Tiffin demanding to lynch L.J. Martin, the man accused of slaying Marshal August Schultz. The mob is repulsed by gunfire; two men in the crowd are shot dead.
1931 - A festive ceremony takes place at the opening the new High Level or Anthony Wayne
Bridge over the Maumee River. As a part of the celebration, 40,000 people walk over the span
from West to East Toledo.
1946 -The USS Toledo, the Navy's heavy cruiser that bears the city's name, is commissioned in Philadelphia. A special delegation of dignitaries is on hand from Toledo to take part in the ceremony.

October 28
1895 - A spectacular blaze destroys much of the Wood County oil boom town of Mungen.
1899 - The new plate glass company started by Edward Ford begins production in the newly created community of Rossford.
1921 - Boxing champ Jack Dempsey returns to Toledo, where he won his title fight in 1919. He visits with friends and attends a football game at Waite High School.
1933 - Aviatrix Amelia Earhart stops in Toledo for a speech at the Palace Theater. While she is here, she paints an arrow on the roof of the Hillcrest Hotel pointing the way for pilots to the new city airport near Millbury.


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