Waste district sets registration for electronics disposal

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Registration for the electronics collection with the Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Solid Waste District is open as of March 1 and will remain open until the end of April.
To keep harmful materials out of the local landfills, the solid waste district holds special collection events for residents to properly dispose of unwanted materials.
These materials are grouped into four categories: electronics, tires, appliances, and household hazardous waste.
These collections are for all residents of Ottawa Sandusky and Seneca counties - including all residents of Bellevue and Fostoria. Businesses and institutions are not accepted at these collections.
This is a mostly free service for residents, aside from some small fees for certain TV’s during the electronics collection in which there will be a $5 charge for glass tube televisions that are 24 inches or less, and $10 for TVs that are 25” and larger.
Console, DLP, and projection screen TVs will not be accepted in this collection. Televisions with broken screens will also not be accepted for the safety of the collection volunteers.
Other acceptable items for the electronics collection include computers and related computer equipment, monitors, and audio/visual equipment.
In an effort to be prepared with the best amount of supplies and workers for each collection, the district will continue to require residents pre-register for each collection. Registration can be done online at RecycleOSS.org, or by calling the district at 419-334-7222 ext. 0.
There will be locations in all three counties for residents to participate in the collections.
Information specific to all of the district’s special collections, including dates, times and locations, can be found while registering.
After the electronics collection, other collections this year will include tires, as well as the appliance collections, with registration starting May 1 for both.
In the fall there will be the Household Hazardous Waste collection with registration starting Sept. 1.
There will only be one collection date for each of the special collections offered by the district.
If you have any recycling questions you can reach the district at 419-334-7222 or emailing ossonline@recycleoss.org.
Contact the district for recycling information and events at www.recycleoss.org or on Facebook at: Ottawa Sandusky Seneca Recycling District and hit like. Follow on Twitter: OSS Solid Waste @Aim2BGreen.


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