Troy Township FirstSolar acquires facility for use as distribution center

Larry Limpf

Troy Township
FirstSolar acquires facility for use as distribution center

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With the acquisition of what was planned to be Peloton Output Park in Troy Township, FirstSolar, Inc. will be meeting a need for expanding its logistics and distribution capabilities, a FirstSolar executive said last week with the announcement of the purchase.
“We intend to use this facility to ensure the efficient and timely shipping of modules to our customers, repurposing it into a dedicated distribution hub for the largest solar manufacturing footprint in the western hemisphere. We expect that this approach will allow us to streamline logistics operations, while reducing operating costs and contributing to our cost reduction roadmap,” said Mike Koralewski, FirstSolar’s chief supply chain officer.
The company announced its purchase of the 1.2-million-square-foot facility last week for its three Ohio manufacturing facilities that have a combined capacity of approximately 6 gigawatts.
“As we prepare to expand our Ohio capacity by almost a gigawatt this year, there’s a need for our logistics and distribution capabilities to scale to match our manufacturing growth,” Koralewski said.
“In the long term, the flexible space that the facility affords us could also serve as a light-scale satellite manufacturing location with the potential to support our factories and R&D center in Ohio.”
In May 2021, Peloton Interactive, Inc. announced plans to construct a manufacturing plant for its exercise bikes and related equipment.
The company said it planned to invest about $400 million in the 200-acre site and it would add more than 2,000 jobs when the plant was up and running.
Production at the plant was expected to start in 2023.
In February, 2022, however, the company announced it would put the building and land at the township site up for sale once the external construction was complete and the company would be undergoing a major restructuring.
John Foley, a co-founder of Peloton, said at the time the company has been re-evaluating its costs to position itself for a “post COVID landscape.”
Last week, FirstSolar also announced it is investing up to $370 million in an R&D innovation center in Perrysburg, which is expected to be completed this year. It’s also planning to invest more than $2 billion in new manufacturing facilities in Alabama and Louisiana.


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