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Engaging Opportunities Foundation, the parent organization of Christy’s Corner Café in Elmore, is starting a matching campaign for Christy's, spotlighting success stories of how community support can overcome ability-related employment barriers.
Since its inception in 2018, Christy's Corner Cafe has been dedicated to honoring the memory of Christy Bosch by creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
With the support of her community, Christy, a woman with Down's syndrome, won numerous awards for her community involvement and had the opportunity to be employed.
A devoted basketball player, Christy was determined to stay engaged after her health wouldn't allow her to play any longer. She eventually told the Cardinal Stritch boys varsity coach that she wanted to be the manager for the team.
"When she got to be manager, she loved those boys. She called them, 'My boys,' "said Mary Jo Bosch, Christy's mother.
When Christy passed after nearly 10 years as manager, "her boys" came dressed in suits to her funeral on a day off of school.
"Since Christy passed, people ask me, why are you so involved in things like this?" said Bosch. "It's because people were so involved those years ago and they made the opportunities that Christy had possible. She had a lot of opportunities and because of the opportunities she had, she had a really good life."
In the past year alone, Christy's Corner Cafe has provided more than 1,300 hours of paid employment for employees with disabilities. Each hour, employees are paid above minimum wage and supported by job coaches, fostering an environment where they can gain job skills and self-confidence.
Maggie Mounts, mother to a Christy's employee, shared the impact in her eyes. "Daniel has overcome many challenges since he started working at Christy's. We are so grateful that he has had this opportunity to work in a friendly and supportive environment and make some really great friends along the way. We are so grateful to Christy's."
Now, Christy's Corner Café is seeking to raise $20,000 from the public to sustain its mission for the next year. Every dollar donated, up to $10,000, will be matched by a group of donors, and help bring the café twice as close to its goal.
Supporters can contribute by mailing a check to 368 Rice St., Elmore, OH 43416, or by visiting and clicking, "Donate." The matching campaign runs through the holiday season.
`The mission of the Engaging Opportunities Foundation is to provide meaningful opportunities for people who face ability- related employment barriers to reach their goals and greatest potential, paving the way to long-term employment while inspiring a culture of acceptance and awareness. It has periodically worked to place people in positions at other employers, but the biggest initiative of the EOF is operating Christy's Corner Cafe in Elmore.


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