Starr Elementary teacher honored for saving choking student

Press Staff Writer

        The Oregon City Schools Board of Education recently honored Starr Elementary school third-grade teacher Sarah Garand for her quick action in assisting a student who was choking.
        Last month, Garand’s students were lining up for the bus at the end of the school day when she noticed some classmates gathering around Matthew Brown. Looking more closely, she saw that Matthew was turning red and gasping for air.
        The third-grader was choking on a piece of candy which had lodged in his throat. Garand says her “mom instincts” instantly kicked in and she began performing the Heimlich maneuver, a skill she learned in college. She was able to dislodge the candy, allowing Matthew to breathe.
        “She saved a student’s life and we can’t be more proud of her,” said Oregon Superintendent Hal Gregory.


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