Real estate: Week ending Nov. 27

Press Staff Writer

Carroll Township
    11/25/20 Walter F and Carol J Lemke to Sunny Beach Cottages LLC, 10084 Scott, $87,500.
Catawba Island Township
    11/23/20 Leisa K Partin to CMF Capital LLC, 630 N Hidden Harbor Dr, $208,500.
    11/24/20 James L and Constance A Snyder Trustees to Michael L Fox, 4721 E Woodland Dr, $250,000.
    11/24/2020 John C and Patrica L Sapola to Davenport Real Estate Development LLC, 601 N Harbor Point, $90,000
    11/24/20 James and Amy Beatty to Keith and Gayle Pickering, 5275 North Point, $382,500.
    11/24/20 Russell Griffin to Keith R Klesh, 5598 E Farrow Ave, $135,000.
    11/24/20 Lost Lake Development to Dave and Diane Newman, 5173 Blue Teal Bend, $59,900.
    11/25/20 Gray Harbor Holdings LLC to Joshua J King, 3853 NE Catawba Rd, $325,000.
Clay Township
    11/23/20 Marianne R Matthews to Alex Steinbrunner, 22425 W SR 51, $113,000.
    11/24/20 St. Joseph Holdings LLC to Matthew B and Michael A Snyder, 23116 W Edgefield Rd, $84,000.
Harris Township
    11/24/2020 Kyle M and Chasity Ann O’Neill Trustees to Steven R and Kelly J Decker,15850 West Yeasting Rd, $281,500.
    11/25/20 George A Sexton to Julie Miller, 15115 West Portage River South Rd, $140,000.
Danbury Township
    11/23/20 Richard G Roller to Scott A Golus, 174 Plumbrook Dr, $120,000.
    11/24/20 David W and Carol J Sass to James and Deana J Spencer, 4474 E Harbor Rd, $116,666.
    11/24/20 Craig S and Candace E Sass to James and Deana J Spencer, 4474 E Harbor Rd, $116,666.
    11/24/20 Pamela L Sass (Pamela L and Ken Sinkey) to James and Deana J Spencer, 4474 E Harbor Rd, $116,666.
    11/24/20 Regatta Development LLC to Melissa F Berner, 6121 E Regatta Passage, $197,900.
    11/25/20 Luan H and Carol R Hamit to Robert W Albach, 8067 E Mary Lane, $210,000.
    11/25/20 Steven J and Sharon A Gerbasi to Janine Ann Dress, 1633 Harbor Crossing Rd, $51,000.
Port Clinton Corp
    11/23/20 Vincent S and Stephanie K Petersen to Angela N Zam and Gregory D Adair, 1007 Taft St, $172,500.
    11/23/2020 Larry R Roberts and Kristi A Bryant Trustees, 214D W. Lakeshore Dr to Kristi A and Jeffrey S Bryant, $97,500.
    11/23/20 Larry R Roberts and Kristi A Bryant Trustees, 212C W. Lakeshore Dr to Timothy J And Julia A Roberts, $97,500.
    11/24/20 Robert G Sharilla to Macprep Ltd, 102 Madison St Unit 2223, $25,000.
    11/24/20 Shelby N Grubb aka Shelby N Ronski to Allison Zam, 824 Madison St, $123,000.
    11/24/20 Andrea and Steven R Wagner to Sharon S Sims and Kathleen L Thompson, 426 Harrison St, $117,500.
    11/24/20 Bruce B and Martha C Bridgeman Trustees to David A and Carole A Nissen, 735 Kasper Dr, $179,900.
    11/24/20 David L Allan to Thomas R and Barbara Cooper, 117 Linden St, $52,000.
    11/25/2020 James V and Kathleen H Burger to Michelle L Fetzer and Donato Magistro, 226 Clinton Reef, $125,000.
Portage Township
    11/24/20 Jose N Mendoza to Robert J W Murray, 1098 E Lockwood Rd, $35,000.          
    11/24/20 JDM Island Development LLC to PS Boatworks LLC, 2656 E Harbor Rd, Unit B-5, $106,004.
    11/25/20 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Anthony and Larraine Perry, 764 SE Catawba #66, $69,500.
    11/25/20 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Kathleen A Tomick Trustee, 764 SE Catawba # 72, $84,500.
    11/25/20 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Roscoe W Jr and Deborah L Webster, 764 SE Catawba #76 and 78, $154,000.
Put In Bay Corp
    11/25/2020 Eugene C Kadar Estate to Alan C Jr and Maria Szarek, 135 Glacier Cove, $287,000.
Salem Township
    11/23/20 David W and Lisa G Franck to Franklin Eugene and Bernadine A Hammer, 0 SR 105, 0.182 ac, $4,000.
    11/23/20 Kathryn I and Karl J Antesberger to Patrick A Briggs, 9546 W SR 163, $224,900.
    11/25/20 Mark Alan Weiker and Diana Lynee Weiker Trustees to William J Howey and Talley S Arebaugh, 505 N Benton St, $ 82,500.


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