Real Estate Week Of 8/15/2022

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Week ending Aug. 5

Allen Township
08/02/2022 Estate of Vincent John Dominguez to Nicole Marie Matthews, 20885 Yale Street, $140,000.
Benton Township
08/02/2022 V and R Evergreen LTD to Edward J Gahler and Jane K Price- Gahler, 668 North Elliston Trowbridge, $491,572.
08/02/2022 Janice K Markely (½ interest) to Angela M Leforce, 0 West True Road (40acres), $70,000.
Bay Township
08/05/2022 Jack D Zimmerman to Timothy L Zimmerman And Debra L Zimmerman, 639 North Star Place, $225,000.
Carroll Township
08/01/2022 Leroy G Hall and Cathy M Hall to Fell Energies Inc., 3178 State Route 2, $200,000.
08/02/2022 Gregory L Orndorff and Debra L Orndorff to Raymond C Horrmann and Mary E Horrmann, 1044 Middle Base Lane, $40,000.
Clay Township
08/02/2022 Dennis R Kruse and Kathleen M Kruse to Brittany E Owen, 2207 North Brookside Boulevard, $215,000.
Genoa Corp
08/05/2022 William B Bauer and Susan L Bauer to James L Cheatwood Jr, 409 Wilson Street, $38,000.
08/05/2022 Estate of Brenda J Spencer to Vincent L Asman, 416 Wilson Street, $80,500.
08/05/2022 John F Spencer Jr to Vincent L Asman, 416 Wilson Street, $80,500.
Harris Township
08/03/2022 Family G and C Investments to Nathan and Karrl Krumnow, 29113 North Fostoria Road, $309,900.
Catawba Township
08/01/2022 William E and Joyce E Priest to Matthew S and Traci L Hensel, 4251 East Linda Drive, $350,000.
08/01/2022 Rick A Ferguson and Carolyn F Ferguson to Marvin H and Susan R Yoder & David P and Freida F Swartzentruber, 5140 Charles Lane, $340,000.
08/01/2022 James C Dubbert and Agnieszka Dubbert to Caitlin Anne Kolycheck, 3978 North Coachman’s Trail, $37,500.
08/04/2022 Edward M McQuiston and Carole A McQuiston to Gretchen Louise and Kenneth LeRoy Thompson Jr, 2239 North Carriage Lane, $575,000.
08/04/2022 Nicholas and Jenna L Gerber to James C and Agieszka Dubbert, 5105 East Blue Teal, $760,000.
08/05/2022 Don L Miller III and Jacqueline K Miller to Steven E Morris-trustee of the Steven E Morris Trust, 2598 Sun Valley # 102, $159,900.
08/05/2022 The Anthony M and Myrna A Pastore Family Partnership to Optimus Development LLC, 4658 East Cliff Road Lots 50-52, $1,025,000.
08/05/2022 The Anthony M and Myrna A Pastore Family Partnership to Optimus Development LLC, 4658 East Cliff Road Lot 53, $800,000.
Danbury Township
08/01/2022 Judith A Jacobs to K & G Farms LLC, 2045 South Lattimore Drive, $675,000.
08/01/2022 Roger L Willis and Marilyn K Willis to Brenda Stiles, 132 Perryview Drive, $162,000.
08/01/2022 Camile Sobolewski to Debra K Sobolewski-Smith & Thomas R Smith, 2458 Knob Hill Road, $150,000.
08/01/2022 Eric J Randanvich and Diana Kisel nka Randanovich to Laura Boytim and Randolph M Barclay, 1510 North Buck Road Unit # 72, $52,000.
08/02/2022 Eileen M Durham to Patricia E Carmean, 0 South Wyandot Trail, $8,885.
08/02/2022 Randolph J Rubley and Linda B Rubley to James B and Gwendolyn C Anderson, 435 Peach Street, $417,000.
08/03/2022 Bay View Villas LLC to Kenneth E and Laurie A Vaupel, 2600 South Harbor Bay Road, $49,900.
08/03/2022 Susan J Baumann (Trustee) to Le Lin, 2572 South Waterside Court, $411,000.
08/04/2022 Patricia A Robinson fka Patricia A Mulhall to Ryan Miller and Megan Miller, 2118 South Bayview Drive, $140,000.
08/05/2022 Daniel E Shealy and Susan E Shealy to Mindy and Manish Prasad, 2088 South Skyline Drive, $250,000.
Erie Township
08/03/2022 Lynn A Penturf to David A Herr, 15 North Schooner Point Drive, $270,000.
Port Clinton Corp
08/01/2022 Joy Menier Shandera nka Joy E Shandera and Gregory L Shandera to Bridget O’Keeffe, 1103 Taft Street, $175,000.
08/02/2022 William F Tracey and Kim M Johnson to Evan and Eileen Middleton, 413 West Third Street, $125,000.
08/02/2022 Craig and Sue Pass to James M Spaun and Joanna L Spaun, 503 Lakeshore, $235,000.
08/02/2022 Matthew A Mills to Richard h Nickle Jr and Mary A Nickle, 528 East Ninth Street, $265,000.
Portage Township
08/01/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Lee R and Mary E Shank, 764 Southeast Catawba # 104, $101,400.
08/01/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Chad and Kimberly Wilson, 764 Southeast Catawba #100, $98,900.
08/01/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Aaron J Porter, 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 103, $82,900.
08/01/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to David and Jennifer Nott, 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 109, $65,900.
08/02/2022 DC Hangar LLC to Erie Air Services, 3255 Eats State Road, $400,000.
08/02/2022 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Derik M Patton, 4170 East State Road, $120,010.
08/05/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Lorenzo Ruta, 764 Southeast Catawba Road # 105, $82,900.
08/05/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Robert Streiffert, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #107, $78,900.
08/05/2022 Storage Condominium Inc. to Mark Shaefer, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #96, $82,900.
08/05/2022 Storage Condominiums Inc. to American Patriot Fishing Charters LLC, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #99 & #101, $177,800.
Oak Harbor Corp
08/01/2022 Kathleen M Gutilla nka Maloney to Tonia Suddath and Timothy Bennett, 248 East Water Street, $180,250.
08/05/2022 Mary A Goetz to Elbert E Taylor and Nichole L Taylor, 124 Washington Street, $75,000.
08/05/2022 Eric J Winters to Thomas Reinhart and Katelin Reinhart, 104 West Ottawa Street, $180,000.


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