Real Estate Week Of 11/8/2021

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Real Estate Transfers
Week ending Oct. 29

Allen Township
10/28/2021 Alan Thomas Scheanwald and Kelsey Tapley Scheanwald (Trustees) to Stacie J Bobo (½ interest), Kaleb and Cali Garey ½ interest, 7105 North Tall Oaks Drive, $182,500.
10/28/2021 Andrew Janney and Shawna Janney to Joshua A Moses, 5805 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $399,000.
Bay Township
10/29/2021 Harold D Berger and Judith A Berger to Anthony D Berger and Jalra L Berger, 716 Toledo Street, $95,000.
BCS School in Bay
Carroll Township
10/25/2021 James R Mosher to Jeffrey A Sorn and Susan I Haas, 8851 West Canada Goose Court, $97,850.
10/27/2021 Christopher Maldonado and Kimberly Maldonado to Casey L Kania, 11481 West Bier Road, $270,000.
10/28/2021 H20 Enterprises LLC to David Adams and Bailee Alexander, 6493 Teal Bend, $47,000.
10/28/2021 Gary L Apling and Linda S Apling to John Lee Grau, 8592 West Duff Washa Road, $260,000.
10/28/2021 Christopher P Weirich to John Paul Seiler, 7985 West Cover Road, $44,000.
10/29/2021 Wilimington Trust National Association as Successor Trustee to Christafer Hall, 2880 North Humphrey Road, $91,350.
Clay Township
10/25/2021 Donald R Tabbert to Randal Fleenor, 22951 West Walnut Lane, $185,000.
10/28/2021 Andrea N Schutt to Weylin Turman and Alicia Goucher, 24250 State Route 51, $173,000.
Catawba Township
10/26/2021 BOB’S Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to Michael P Nitz and Carolyn S Nitz, 755 Lost lake, $60,000.
10/27/2021 Gabriel D Rizer and Amy L Rizer to Julie D Natoli, 3540 Woodhill Drive, $459,000.
10/27/2021 Roger Riachi to Deborah L Benevento, 2870cC North Canterbury Circle, $399,000.
10/27/2021 Charles Thomas Bartram and Julia Bertram to Antonia Ciraldo and Ann M Kiser, 1170 North Catawba Bay Drive, $429,900.
10/28/2021 Kevin Eden and Karrie L Bunn to Island Pines Adventures LLC, 4519 Island Pines, $495,100.
10/28/2021 Cynthia M Jasenak to Kevin W Eden and Karrie L Bunn, 2901 North Villa Court C, $470,000.
10/28/2021 Marblewood Homes Inc. to Jessica Gonzalez, 4300 East McKenna Lane, $430,000.
10/29/2021 Robert D Crawford II to Alistair Fotheringham and Cynthia K Fotheringham, 2864 Nor’Easter Cove, $1,050,000.
10/29/2021 Catawba Road Properties to Charles Thomas Bartram and Julie Bartram, 4743 Eats Blue Heron Drive, $749,000.
10/29/2021 James A Sides to Thomas E Holmes and Michele L Holmes, 308 Clinton Reef Drive, $192,000.
Danbury Township
10/26/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Marblehead Storage Condo LLC, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-18, $121,300.
10/26/2021 Larry R Williams to Shane A Edie and Shane C Edie, 803 East Terry Lane, $50,000.
10/27/2021 R. Joseph Creeden and Erin Creeden to Amy McFarland and Matthew McFarland, 543 North John Street, $199,000.
10/27/2021 Kenneth W Hughes and Carol M Hughes to Robin D Doss, 2048 South Bayview Ave, $150,000.
10/29/2021 Lake Lots LLC to Peter Collins Jr. and Deborah M Collins, 351 Peach Avenue, $100,000.
10/25/2021 Thomas M Coughlin and Joseph G Ritzler to Steven M Prumo and Shannon Prumo, 3528 Memorial Shoreway, $1,00,000.
10/29/2021 Craig John Rieke and Mardi Joy Rieke to R Dana Pennell (Trustee of the R. Dana Pennell Living Trust), 4480 East Forest Glen Lane, $115,000.
Port Clinton Corp
10/25/2021 Kenneth H Hershey to Andrew J Felter and Leslie J Felter, 533 West Lakeshore Drive, $418,000.
10/26/2021 Scott A Emch-Trustee of the Scot A Emch Trust Agreement to Rodney L Miller and Kathleen E Miller, 629 Harrison Street, $237,500.
10/27/2021 Commodore resorts Inc. to Reinhart T. K Properties LLC, 117 East Second Street, $150,000.
10/28/2021 Cory C Erwin and Kimela Taylor to Frank Mikes, 320 Superior Court, $28,000.
10/29/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Robert W Grace VII and Beth J Grace Successor Trustees, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #89, $98,500.
Portage Township
10/25/2021 Mary P O’Malley (Trustee) to Gregory M Kuhar, 0 Aqua Air Drive #239, $45,000.
10/27/21 Gregory F Gibson and Susan K Gibson to Bassett Land Company LLC, 1965 East Harbor Road, $1,00,000.
10/28/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Robert Speck, 760 Southeast Catawba Unit # 94, $75,000.
10/28/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Michael P Barone and Debra L Barone, 1763 Northeast Catawba Road, Unit # 73, $73,500.
10/28/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Winkoe LLC, 1763 Northeast Catawba Road Unit # 95, $98,500.
10/29/2021 Storage Condominiums Inc. to Loree P McNeilly, 764 Southeast Catawba Road #90, $98,500.
10/29/2021 Lori Choquette Trustee of the Stephanie Richard Legacy Trust to William R Murray, 3689 Appell Drive, $294,000.
10/29/2021 MAWL Properties LLC to Schwinkendorf Holdings LLC, 2656 East Harbor Road, $107,000.
Put In Bay Village School
10/25/2021 Todd A Blumensaadt to Brado Holdings LLC, 0.278 acres Lot 17 South of County Road, $20,000.
Put In Bay Corp
10/29/2021 Arthur P Ward Jr Trustee to UNC Inc. LLC, 208,217and 220 East Point Boulevard, $1,200,000.
Oak Harbor
10/26/2021 Brenda E Taps Mohr to Samuele V Munafo, 7845 Sand Beach Road, $375,200.
10/29/2021 Lindsey Hanley nka Stiger and Dillion Stiger to Thomas D Nugent, 380 East Water Street, $166,000.


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