Real Estate Week Of 11/1/2021

Staff Writer

Week ending Oct. 22

Allen Township
10/18/2021 Joseph A Karikas to Matthew J Copeland and Linda Lou Moore, 20947 West Johnson Street, $106,000.
10/22/2021 Amanda L Cooper to Balance Bird LLC, 7039 North Curtice Street, $40,301.
Bay Township
10/18/2021 Alfred V Feuerstein to Kara Clifford, 1491 West Fremont Road, $163,000.
10/18/2021 Daniel J Barker and Brittany B Baker to Matthew P Humphrey, 4595 West Oak Harbor Southeast Road, $299,900.
Carroll Township
10/18/2021 Ronald L Boucher to Daniel Jones, Unit 2006 Wild Wings Camp & Boat-O- Minimum Water Slip Condominium, $7,000.
10/22/2021 Michael A and Jennifer L Lacey to Ronald W and Jennifer Cook, 1088 North Bass, $50,000.
Clay Township
10/22/2021 Brian E Mattoni & John P Mattoni to Charles L Danner Sr., 19178 and 19112 West State Route 163, $79,000.
Genoa Corp
10/18/2021 Molly E Pearson to Arron P Skees and Rose M Skees, 306 West 7th Street, $180,000.
Catawba Township
10/18/2021 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Edwin D Synder Jr, 2679 Northwest Catawba Road, $785,000.
10/19/2021 Mitchell Voll to David Jenkins and Ada Jenkins, 2851 North Firelands Boulevard, $1,170,000.
10/19/2021 Optimus Development LLC to HP Interior Solutions Inc., 4340& 4320 East McKenna Lane, $75,800.
10/20/2021 David Yu-Shen Lai to Chad J Gunerra and Mary R Gunerra, 3801 North Cliff Road (0.284 acres), $173,500.
10/20/2021 Chad J Gunerra and Mary E Gunerra to James Eiting, 0.119acres North Cliff Road, $180,000.
10/21/2021 Frank E Mehwald and Mary H Mehwald to Optimus Development LLC, 0 Cliff Road & 0 Ridge Road, $95,000.
10/22/2021 Rory R Connors and Gail S Connors to Justin J Jeffers and Mackenzie M Jeffers, 4676 East Catawba Woods, $122,000.
Danbury Township
10/18/2021 Safe Harbor Marina Ltd to Richard J Scully, Mary c Sully and David Scully, 51 Gone Fishin, $150,000.
10/19/2021 Thomas c Osborne and Carol A Osborne to Francine D Chapman, 0 East Bayshore, $135,000.
10/19/2021 Jerry F Kolar to Michael N Dadas and Carrie S Symonds, 1510 North Buck Road Unit # 77, $200,000.
10/19/2021 Linda Chung Ulinski (Trustee) to timothy D Maxey and Amy M Maxey, 520 Jasmine Ave, $335,00.
10/19/2021 Jerry F Kolar to Michael N Dadas and Carrie S Symonds, 1510 North Buck Road Unit #77, $200,000.
10/19/2021 Mark Weidemyre to Teresa C Bluell, 2218 South Linda Drive, $121,625.
10/19/2021 Chad Wilford and Ashley Wilford to Teresa C Bluell, 2218 South Linda Drive, $121,625.
10/20/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Terrance L Rooney, 5686 State Route 163 Unit# E-23, $116,500.
10/21/2021 Safe Harbor Development LTD to Seth W Baron, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # e-24, $122,735.
10/21/2021 Karen Tkacz to Megan and Jesse Miller, 0 Seneca Street, $27,000.
10/21/2021 Karen Tkacz Popvich to Tyler Randall & Erin Randall, 0 Seneca Street, $27,000.
10/22/2021 The Estate of Donald J DeCrane to James Witter, 4910 East Wohlers Ave, $273,000.
10/22/2021 David D Dibello to Beverly a Malczewski and Christopher J Malczewski, 2290 South Commodore Court, $320,000.
Erie Township
10/19/2021 David R and Nancy A Dysard to Bryan and Deborah McGowan, 0 Clinton, $16,000.
10/20/2021 Michael L Buehler to Niki Havens, 5550 Railroad Street, $44,000.
10/21/2021 Arthur brown to Gregory l Johns and Linda S Johns, 1220 West Richey Road WS#47, $3,500.
Port Clinton Corp
10/18/2021 Kimberly M Johns to Paulas A Jackson and Elisha A Jackson, 426 East Sixth Street, $172,500.
10/18/2021 River Lake Landing LLC to Thomas J Hubba II and Jessie L Hubba, 509 West Lakeshore Drive #5B, $275,000.
10/19/2021 Jay A Reed and Garie R Reed to Aaron P Shaler, 6399 Monroe Street, $120,000.
10/19/2021 Chester J Solem and Penny C Solem to Jeffrey Kaplan and Angel Rhodes, 430 East Perry Street, $425,000.
10/19/2021 Susan E Benfer to Kelly Dorsey, 420 Lincoln Drive, $137,500.
10/20/2021 Jay Reed and Garie R Reed to Zachary Alt and Kari Alt, 524 Jefferson Street, $160,000.
10/20/2021 SAMKEL Properties to Altric Holdings, 118 East 5th Street, $155,000.
10/22/2021 Rodney L Miller and Kathleen E Miller to Amber Schierberg and Earl Gardner, 320 Alice Street, $270,000.
10/22/2021 Andrew S Sims-Trustee of the Andrew S and Julia G Sims Family Revocable Trust, 304 Clinton Reef, $182,000.
10/22/2021 Kathi J Benyak (Successor Trustee) to Jonathan Killion, 630 Madison Street, $139,500.
Portage Township
10/18/2021 Thomas H Petersen to Pacific Engineering Limited, 3720 East Aqua Aire Drive # 102 & #104, $80,000.
Put In Bay Village School
10/20/2021 Richard n Gump to Caroline A Conrad, 98 Glacier Cove, $80,000.
10/22/2021 Patrick h Dailey and Barbara Anne Dailey9Co-Trustees) to Sarah W Burlingham- Trustee of the Sarah W Burlingham Revocable Trust, 1962 Langram Road, $1,090,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
10/18/2021 Green Pad Properties LTD to Snyder Apartments and Properties LTD, 162 West Water Street, $35,000.
10/22/2021 RR&S Properties LLC to Robert G stout and Michelle t Stout, 134 Coopers Trail, $163,350.


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