Real Estate Week Of 10/11/2021

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Week ending Oct. 1

Allen Township
09/27/2021 Keith A Hille and Ann M Hille to Jacob Belsky and Jonathan D Belsky, 22533 West Front Street, $60,500.
09/30/2021 Jennifer Hupp and Rosemary Shugar to Paul R Szymanowski, 22185 West State Route 579, $133,000.
Benton Township
09/27/2021 Barbara S Fleitz to Gregory F Plantz and Julie L Plantz, 15289 Toussaint North Road, $314,300.
Carroll Township
09/27/2021 David M Redmon and Allyson A Redmon to Douglas Tester and Carol Tester, 8877 Canada Goose Court, $93,000.
09/28/2021 Jeffery D Finn to Patrick Geisel, 8820 West Genzman Road, $195,000.
09/29/2021 Richard M Petersen (1/2 interest) and Louise M Petersen (1/2 interest) to Cynthia Winters and Charles Davis, 0 Fourth (Lots 128 &129), $29,900.
09/30/2021 the Estate of Robin Brewer to Charles J Schunn, 11761 West Genzman Road, $250,000.
10/01/2021 Golden Gate Cottage LLC to Lambertus M VanderMade and Tina R VanderMade, 8583 Sand Beach Road, $535,000.
Clay Township
09/30/2021 Elaine M Lueke to James Reardon and Ramanda L Reardon (Trustees), 2743 North 4th Street, $23,435.
Elmore Corp
09/29/2021 Gladys A Kroos (Successor Trustee) to Janet M Kroos (Trustee), 741 East Rice Street, $140,000.
09/30/2021 Joseph P Glenn to Daniel J Helle, 3230 South Dischinger, $75,000.
09/30/2021 William C Sorg and Diane E Sorg to Mark Tornow, 640 Rice Street, $80,000.
10/01/2021 Kent A Kline and Lisa L Kline to Jordyn M Dunn, 260 Jackson Street, $119,000.
Genoa Corp
09/30/2021 Jacob L Wojciechowski to Nathan M Free and Alissa K Free, 609 Superior Street, $200,000.
Harris Township
09/28/2021 Edgar R Schneider (1/5 interest) to Dean A Schneider and Christie A Schneider, 0 Schneider Road, $90,000.
09/28/2021 The Draeger Living Trust (1/5 interest) – William L and Joyce E Trustees, 0 Schneider Road, $90,000.
09/28/2021 Nancy A Hodge to Dean A Schneider and Christie A Schneider, 0 Schneider Road, $90,000.
09/28/2021 Carol A Schneider (1/5 interest) to Dean A Schneider and Christie A Schneider, 0 Schneider Road, $90,000.
09/28/2021 Jacqueline M Schneider (1/5 interest) to Dean A Schneider and Christie A Schneider, 0 Schneider Road, $90,000.
Catawba Township
09/27/2021 Kevin Paul and Lauren Kelley Davis to Sheree L Wagner (Trustee), 4352 East Link Street, $505,000.
09/27/2021 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction Homes LLC to Patrick M O’Sullivan and Cheryl L O’Sullivan, 1141 & 1125 North Catawba Bay Drive, $100,000.
09/27/2021 Heidi Marie Morris to Timothy J Laganke Sr., 4300 Marin Woods, $399,999.
09/28/2021 Nancy Maynard to John Simpson and Gayle Shepherd May, 5763 East Lakeview Drive, $208,500.
09/28/2021 Nancy Maynard to Zachary Petroff, 0 East Lakeview Drive, $25,000.
09/28/2021 The Roettger Family Trust- Renee M Roettger (Trustee) to Michael Patrick O’Donnell and Whitney M O’Donnell, 4109 Vineyard, $250,000.
09/28/2021 Sunshine Estates Development LLC to Theodore D Beckman and Leanne M Beckman, 2561 North Torino Drive, $643,869.
09/29/2021 Mark Long and Rachel Walland to Paul Fussner and Gail Fussner, 3714 North Ridge Road, $400,00.
09/29/2021 Scott Dale and Janice Stevenor Dale to Marci Federick and Mark Frederick, 3865 East Vineyard Drive, $35,000.
09/30/2021 Marblewood Homes Inc to Scott Williams and Kimberly Williams, 4339 East McKenna Lane, $425,817.
09/30/2021 H P Interior Solutions Inc. to Marblewood Homes Inc, 4339 East McKenna Lane, $37,900.
Danbury Township
09/27/2021 Dane C Fox and Jaime L Fox to Bryon J O’Neal and Michelle R O’Neal, 2423 Split Rock Drive, $57,000.
09/27/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Kathleen A Timan and Alan Timan, 0 South Waterside Court, $44,900.
09/27/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to James T Taylor and Allison Taylor, 0 South Waterside Court, $34,900.
09/27/2021 Bay View Villas LLC to Barry M Conway and Kim Conway, 0 South Waterside Court, $39,900.
09/29/2021 The Lakeside Association to Lucia Faust (Trustee), 0 Plum Ave, $37,000.
09/29/2021 Alan G Caswell and Janice A Caswell to Maureen O’Donnell-Hintz and Thomas H Hintz, 8308 Gravel Bar Road, $329,200.
09/30/2021 Morris E White and Nancy S White (und 1/10 interest) to Suzanne W Hanselman and Thomas L Hanselman (9/10 interest), 9680 East Harbor Road, $2,000.
09/30/2021 Morris E White and Nancy S White ( und 1/10 interest) to Suzanne W Hanselman and Thomas L Hanselman (9/10interest), 9722 East Harbor Road, $2,000.
09/30/2021 Danbury Land to Tracy Sanford to Aaron t Sanford, 0 Port Clinton Eastern Road, $100,263.80.
10/01/2021 Regatta Development LLC to Amy Kathe and Robert Kathe, 6117 East Regatta Passage, $240,000.
10/01/2021 David R and Lynda L Maslowski (Trustees) to Thomas B deHaas and Carole L deHaas, 90 North Riedmaier Drive, $195,000.
10/01/2021 John G Henderson Jr and Dawn E Henderson to Anthony K Polo and Geraldine J Polo, 1696 South Jeanie Drive, $493,500.
09/30/2021 Robert Blankenship and Linda Blankenship to Gregory W Dashiell and Crystal J Dasiell, 136 Cottage Cove Drive, $439,900.
Erie Township
10/01/2021 Matthew C Johnson and Cherie L Jackson( nka Johnson) to Brent H Schneider and Nancy Schneider, 95 North Schooner Point, $225,000.
Port Clinton Corp
09/27/2021 OGR Management to BGR Realty LLC, 1734 East Perry Street, $816,544.
09/27/2021 Davis-Kayes Properties LLC to Eric F Dubow and Jennifer A Dubow, 1909 Eats Harbor Road Unit # 106W, $325,000.
09/28/2021 Jeffrey L Herron , Kimberly S Herron , and Rebecca L Herron to Rebecca Herron and Bradley Joel Wheeler, 424 West 3rd Street, $93,000.
09/28/2021 Martin E Vondrak to James P Stewart and Diane Stewart, 1763 Northeast Catawba Road, $47,000.
09/28/2021 Ryan Chapman and Lisa Taylor to Timothy Kissinger and Tracey Anne Kissinger, 509 West Lakeshore Drive Unit # B3 aka B-6, $199,000.
09/29/2021 Ronald F Walker (Trustee) and Crystal M Walker (Trustee), 207 Lincoln, $85,000.
09/29/2021 Richard L Walker and Dorothy V Walker to Dawn Smith, 1108 Taft Street, $165,000.
09/30/2021 Patrick Taylor to Adrian Cantu, 214 Linden Street, $60,000.
09/30/2021 Adrian Cantu to Eye Homes Inc., 214 Linden Street, $55,000.
09/30/2021 Tabitha Mowel to Kristen Stewart, 539 West Third Street, $170,000.
Portage Township
09/30/2021 Scientific Generalist Solutions LLC to West Bay Canal LLC, Boat Channel “A” Stover Sub, $4,500.
10/01/2021 Mariam G Padanilam (Trustee) to Christiansen Investments LLC, 0 Lockwood Road 47.909 acres, $595,000.
Middle Bass
09/30/2021 Michael C Bartels and Lyndell L Bartels to Anthony P D’Amico and Cheryl A D’Amico, Lot # 2 Curtis Subdivision, $70,000.
Salem Township
09/29/2021 Genzman Enterprises of Ohio LLC to Gregory Johns Services LLC, 10.416 acres Locust and Walnut, $100,000.
09/29/2021 11640 West Salem Carroll LLC to Tistan Varga and Angelica Varga, 11640 West Salem Carroll Road, $194,500.
Oak Harbor Corp
09/30/2021 Burdine Rentals Properties LLC to Philip Gallardo, 0 Broad Street, $2,000.
09/30/2021 Joseph R Rollheiser (aka Joe Rollheiser) to Philip Gallardo, 0 Railroad Street (Rear)/ Lake Street(Rear), $17,000.


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