Real Estate Transfers Week Of 9/13/2021

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Week ending Sept. 3

Bay Township
09/01/2021 Jason S Kingsland to Matthew Strecker, 2770 West Cleveland, $164,900.
09/02/2021 Robert P Williams (Trustee) to Christy L Brent, 2895 West Rising Sun Road, $100,000.
BCS School in Bay
Carroll Township
09/01/021 Lesa Aileen Zunk to Timothy J White and Elma Jean White, 6647 North Humphrey Road, $167,500.
09/02/2021 Matthew J Holcomb to Zachary T Knecht, 2394 North Carroll Erie Road, $199,999.
09/02/2021 Travis L Cook to Cheryl L Webb, 590 Bonnie Jean Drive, $256,000.
09/02/2021 William W Crockett and Linda l Crockett to Dean W Howard and Mary C Howard, 6412 North Harris Drive, $90,000.
09/03/2021 Steven P and Lisa H Deuschle to Elaine and Ryan Podach, 6473 Teal Bend, $72,000.
Clay Township
09/01/2021 Brian Klavinger and Abbe Klavinger to James T Degraaf and Erin F Degraaf, 23129 West Centerfield Drive, $158,800.
09/01/2021 Dean W Humberger and Lois L Humberger to Seth Daniel Humberger and Nicole Lee Humberger, 19619 West Whitney Road, $300,000.
09/01/2021 David A Spurgeon and Suzanne M Spurgeon to Erica C Smith and Andrew Drummond, 0 Camper Road, $35,000.
09/01/2021 Thomas D Spurgeon and Brittany D Spurgeon to Erica C Smith and Andrew Drummond, 20840 Camper Road, $35,000.
09/02/2021 Lucas Sutter and Faith Sutter to Jacob L Wojociechowski and Caitlyn M Wojociechowski, 19901 West Zwicker Road, $225,000.
09/02/2021 Lisa B Cruickshank to Lucas M Sutter and Faith S Sutter, 19721 West Zwicker Road, $535,000.
Genoa Corp
08/31/2021 David G Squillante (Trustee) to Marc E Hanneman and Ida K Hanneman, 513 Wilson Street, $156,500.
09/02/2021 Habitat For Humanity Of Ottawa County Inc. to Jason R Mattlin and Veronica E Mattlin, $137,000.
BCS in Harris Twp.
08/31/2021 Raymond K Lajti to Emily Hofelich, 13360 Elmore Eastern Road, $100,000.
Catawba Township
08/30/2021 Jason A Schaffer to Jeffrey L Capretto and Christine M Capretto, 5547 E Bertram Drive, $425,000.
08/30/2021 Kenny L Gaddis and Lynn M Gaddis to Terrance Rowland Jr and Lind Rowland, 4361 East Laurel Ridge Drive, $102,000.
08/31/2021 Sunshine Estates Builders LLC to Annemarie Grammens, 2562 North Torino Drive, $672,243.
08/31/2021 David Rodgers and Dina A Rodgers to David J Miller and Theresa C Roys, 3538 East Eagle Beach Circle, $235,000.
09/01/2021 Sue Rose (Trustee) to Edgar Wilson and Diane Wilson, 2690A Canterbury Circle, $332,000.
09/01/2021 Nancy Cox-Hill to Michelle Kokinda and Christina M George, 2598 Sun Valley Drive #204, $84,000.
09/02/2021 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Mathew S Robinson and Allyson M Robinson, 4835 Westwinds Drive, $610,310.
09/02/2021 Barbara J Kane (Trustee) to Catawba Island Holdings LLC, Unit # 6 CIC #3 Condominium Garage, $55,000.
09/02/2021 Read Elizabeth M (Trustee) to Shelby L Schabel and Craig Schabel, 5253 Blue Teal Drive, $185,000.
09/03/2021 Carolyn (OCHS) Pope, Monica A (OCHS) Busby, Paul A Ochs to Robert r Holley and Mary C Holley (Trustees), 2617 sand Road, $510,000.
09/03/2021 Bob’s Builders Quality Construction LLC to Lori M Gallo and Daniel G Zeiser, 1223 & 1215 North Catawba Bay, $110,000.
09/03/2021 William Hutira and Geraldine Hutira to Mark A Dropsey, 5635 East Twin Beach, $400,000.
09/03/2021 Bear Creek Land Company to Donald A Hurley and Lisa M Hurley, 3995 Northeast Coachmans Trail, $38,500.
09/03/2021 Jeffrey L Hickman and Deborah A Hickman to James Michael Marous, 4706 Karlite Drive, $329,000.
09/03/2021 M Theresa DeRose and Martin A Scott to Mark O’Donnell and Bonnie O’Donnell, 2840 Canterbury Circle #D, $359,900.
09/03/2021 Thomas A and Leanne E Monday Crawford to Raymond J and Lisa A Frey, 3401 North Karwood Drive, $338,000.
09/03/2021 Shelby L Trick nka Shelby L Schabel to Nathaniel and Kimberly Haynes, 3873 Overlook Drive, $300,000.
Danbury Township
08/30/2021 Zion Ventures LLC to Zackary Bittner, 54 North Hidden Beach Road, $162,000.
08/31/2021 Cove On The Bay LLC to Arch Stone Investments LLC, 5612 East Whitlock Way, $50,000.
08/31/2021 Cove On The Bay LLC to Arch Stone Investments LLC, 2682 South Amherst Avenue, $50,000.
08/31/2021 Michael Dziak to STE Investments LLC, 383 North Lighthouse Oval, $154,000.
08/31/2021 Michael D Griffin to Pamela Jensen, 239 Spring Crest Drive, $115,465.
08/31/2021 Kurt G Geisheimer to Shawn M Stevens and Christine J Stevens, 541 Laurel Ave, $849,000.
09/02/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Paaro Holdings LLC, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-16/E-16-I, $129,500.
09/02/2021 James R Sachs and Sheila A Sachs, 108 South Sunnydale Drive, $184,370.
09/02/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Erie Air Service LLC, 5686 State Route 163 Unit # E-9, $120,375.
09/03/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Gregory L Green and Jennifer J Green, 5686 State Route 163 Unit# E-13, $112,600.
09/03/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Anthony S Connelly and Linda S Connelly, 5686 State Route 163 Unit# E-14, $104,500.
09/03/2021 Nicholas J Clabaugh and Nicole K Clabaugh to John M Hanby and Janet L Hanby –Trustees of the Hanby Family Trust, 1761 Monitor and Boat Dock #336, $60,000.
08/30/2021 Kathleen J Holmes Trustee of the Kathleen J Homes Trust to Lisa A Grant and Larry D Grant, 10931 North Bay Point Drive #403, $329,000.
09/02/2021 Jennifer Collins LLC to Altric Holdings LLC, 818 West Main, $295,701.
09/03/2021 The Donald J Vanke Trust to The Vanke Family Trust, 244 Leddy Lane, $750,000.
Erie Township
09/02/2021 Dan Penn and Deborah Penn (Trustees) to Shawn Swiczkowski and Jennifer Swiczkowski, 1871 North Locust Street, $64,000.
Port Clinton Corp
08/30/2021 Dean A Baker and Janet L Baker to CPL Group Trust, 35 Grande Lake Drive, $275,000.
09/01/2021 Linda Ott to Douglas W Schnell and Kandy K Schnell, 1385 North McCloy Ave, $482,000.
09/01/2021 LT Properties LLC to Raven Reed, 222 Fulton Street, $80,000.
09/01/2021 South Shore Investors LLC to McDonald’s Real Estate Company, 1700 East Perry Street, $157,500.
09/01/2021 Bridgette J Henline (Successor Trustee) to Robert Patrick Dowd and Kathleen Dowd, 39 Grande Lake Drive, $285,000.
09/01/2021 C Joe Cook and Sandra T Cook to Donald Clemons and Rebecca Ellen Clemons, 529 West Lakeshore Drive, $425,000.
09/01/2021 Donald Karl Clemons and Rebecca Clemons to Kurt A Dauterman and Tonya A Dauterman, 521 West Lakeshore Drive, $40,000.
09/01/2021 Cheryl Webb to Nancy E Calvert, 418 East 5th Street, $145,000.
09/03/2021 Estate of Jeanne L Auxter to Spencer Andrews, 124 Oak Street, $155,000.
09/03/2021 Ronald E Timmons and Hailey M Timmons to Christopher N Enoch, 816 Kaspar Street, $250,000.
Portage Township
09/01/2021 Daniel A Jenkins to RF Power 475 LLC, 475 Southeast Catawba Road, $700,000.
09/01/2021 Marilyn D Boldon and Douglas P Boldon to Michael B Mier and Danis K Mier- Trustees of the Mier Family Trust, 0 Aqua Aire, $42,000.
Put In Bay Village School
09/03/2021 Joseph C Da Pore to Tracy L Schork, 0 Airline Drive Lot 14 Airport 10, $350,000.
Put In Bay Corp
08/30/2021 Rachel Anne Kabb-Effron and David Gilbert Effron to Daniel Brubeck and Zyvyle Cecilia Brubeck, 509 Langram Road, $183,000.
Salem Township
09/01/2021 Alan T Bowser, Judith Cruthers, Kent Delventhal, Ann Nuhfer, Jane Phillips to Jennifer L Behnke (Trustee), 33.057 acres in Salem Township, $165,285.
09/01/2021 Alan T Bowser, Judith Cruthers, Kent Delventhal, Ann Nuhfer, Jane Phillips, to Joshua J Behnke and Kathelyn M Behnke, 0 Leutz Road 40 acres, $200,000.
09/01/2021 Alan T Bowser, Judith Cruthers, Kent Delventhal, Ann Nuhfer, Jane Phillips to Behnke Farms LLC, 0 North Behlman 68.639 acres, $304,177.
Oak Harbor Corp
08/30/2021 Christopher L Sherman to Rachel E Cantu, 301 Toussaint, $30,000.
08/30/2021 Tod C Sherman (1/2 interest) to Rachel E Cantu, 301 Toussaint, $30,000.


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