Real Estate Transfers Week of 3/22/2021

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Week ending March 12

Allen Township
03/09/2021 Paula D Sanchez to Matthew M Klink, 22245 West Hollyhock Lane, $285,000.
03/09/2021 RJJ Holdings LLC to Thomas D and Carol A Wagoner, 0 Walbridge East Road, $200,000.
03/10/2021 Chippewa Real Estate LLC to Roberta A and Karl J Orians, 0 North Billman, $107,300.
Benton Township
03/09/2021 Cody Palmer and Laura Palmer to Matthew and Theta Fasick, 18727 West State Route 579, $235,000.
03/09/2021 Thomas E and Heather L Sigurdson to John M and Elizabeth M Guerin 0 West Walbridge East Road, $50,000.
03/12/2021 Jillian Leigh Anstead to Beth E Schanke, 17121 West Maple Street, $131,325.
Carroll Township
03/08/2021 Matthew A Vernon, Christina L Rebenolt, Cynthia A Bartholomew to Brian J Forden and Rita A Castonguay- Forden, 6382 North Harris Drive, $72,000.
Catawba Island Township
03/08/2021 Chiuchiarelli Builders INC to Keith M and Madalyn Teynor, 5251 Bay Pointe Circle, $42,500.
03/08/2021 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services to Debra and Jobe Westerfelt, 3725 East Vineyard Drive, $168,500.
03/08/2021 Linda M Motznik to Phillip A King, 5112 East Charles Lane, $223,715.
03/10/21 Roger J Riachi to 3376 North Karwood LLC, 3376 Karwood Drive, $745,000.
03/11/21 Thomas and Dawn Chapman to James A and Pamela S Cramer, 951 Lost Lake Road, $52,000.
03/12/2021 Donald A and Lora J Shaw to Patrick and Kristi Stolarski, 5515 East Mabel Drive, $269,900.
03/12/2021 Denise A and Jamie A Biddle to Lisa A Decker, 3569 North Karwood Drive, $296,100.65.
03/12/2021 Jeffrey T Gillson to Troy and Wendy Greeley, 2845 North Canterbury Circle, $295,000.
Genoa Corp
03/09/2021 Mark Geldine to Christopher Nissen, 1500 West Street, $103,000.
Harris Township
03/08/2021 Alicia E and Christopher E Glover to Travis J Thompson, 13418 West State Route 105, $222,000.
03/10/2021 Irene D VanNess to Robert B Gradel, 13729 West State Route 105, $140,000.
Danbury Township
03/09/2021 Jennifer L Harris to Susan E Raphael, 509 Row Park, $200,000.
03/09/2021 Amy J Sherman to Susan E Raphael, 509 Park Row, $200,000.
03/09/2021 Louisville Title Agency of Northwest Ohio INC to Arch Stone Development LLC, 2314 South Harbor Bay Drive, $99,900.
03/12/2021 Ronald Monyak Jr to Anthony and Katherine McGowan, 2846 South Amherst Ave, $42,000.
03/09/2021 Summit Properties Partnership to Franklin Kennedy JR and Cynthia A Kennedy, 4161 South Woodcliff Drive, $85,000.
03/12/2021 Joel M and Gretchen L Kuhlman to Barbara A Gaw Taylor, 3884 South Memorial Shoreway Drive, $505,000.
Erie Township
03/12/2021 David R and Sheila M Barnes to Curtis A Beckford, 1220 West Richey Road, $86,000.
Port Clinton Corp
03/09/2021 Margaret Louise Pring and Lisa Mae Ferenc to Joann M Stewart, 711 West Lakeshore Drive, $113,000.
03/12/2021 Carrie Gilliam to Collin M Salyers, 814 East Third Street, $89,900.
03/12/2021 Lakeshore Drive LLC to Julie D Natoli, 537 West Lakeshore Drive, $25,000.
Portage Township
03/08/2021 Kyle C Bartow to Marty Foldger, 614 Taft Street, $125,000.
03/08/2021 Richard D and Amber Koren Audiano to Craig and Kellye Stephens, 4125 East Kirk Road, $52,000.
03/10/2021 East Ottawa Builders LLC to Chad R Balka, 2179 East Harbor Road, $269,000.
03/12/2021 JDM Island Development LLC to Michael P Wallenhorst and Caroline Ramos, 2656 East Harbor Road, $105,900.
Middle Bass
03/10/2021 Martinus W and Linda D Dieperink to Michael C and Lyndel L Bartels, 1430 El Lobo, $317,000.
Salem Township
03/08/2021 Lauren M and Matthew Hill to Brandon M and Ashley C Marysz, 12734 West State Route 163, $173,100.
03/10/2021 Curtis and Traci J Riechman to Michael W and Sue A Blakely, 1311 South Golf Lane, $342,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
03/09/2021 Genzman Enterprises of Ohio I LLC to Benton Carroll Salem Local School District, 111 East Park Street & 0 Locust Street, $126,500.
03/12/2021 Scott H and Janet K Harvey to Karen L LaFountain, 386 East Water Street, $173,000.


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