Real Estate Transfers Week of 2/15/2021

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Week ending Feb. 5

Catawba Island Township
02/02/2021 Edward and Stephanie Varney to Amber Jacin, 5158 East Dane Ave, $50,500.
02/05/21 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Julia W Savage, 4870 Tradewinds Drive, $546,370.00
Genoa Corp
02/02/2021 Joyce M Reid to Julie A Donnell, 206 West 2nd Street, $133,000.
02/03/2021 John C St. Marie to Robert L and Kathleen T Keaton, 301 Cherry Street, $54,000
Danbury Township
02/01/2021 The Alan Hartzmark Revocable Trust to Cathryn Goliath, 109 East Harbor Road, $90,000.
Port Clinton Corp.
02/01/2021 Jason S Kingsland to Kenneth and Gloria Kyger, 126 Oak Street, $165,400.
02/03/2021 Lakeshore Drive LLC to Bonnie Bernard, 537 West Lakeshore Drive, $20,000.
02/03/2021 Paul and Stephany Skrbina to DM Superior Investments LLC, 1104 Jackson Drive, $179,000.
Put In Bay Township
02/02/2021 Lenore Fredrick to Christopher Rasciewski, 955 Mitchell Road, $50,000.
Salem Township
02/02/2021 Santos E and Renee A Livas to Wendy and Jerry L Hartford, 9260 West Oak Harbor Southeast, $145,000.
02/03/2021 William K and Jennifer L Giezie to Dean C and Lisa I Schiller, 8355 West Portage Rive South Road, $60,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
02/01/2021 William J Ocheske to James Wesley Miller, 221 South Gordon Drive, $195,000.


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