Real Estate Transfers 3/1/2021

Staff Writer

Week ending Feb. 19

Clay Center Corp
02/19/2021 Zachary J and Stephanie S Kalinoski, 23104 West Winfield Drive, $165,000.
Benton Township
02/19/2021 Michael Steven and Angel Fawn Bodnar to Adam C and Kimberly M Shearn, 14399 West Velliquette Road, $31,000.
Carroll Township
02/17/2021 Jeffery W and Camberlyn A Hunter to Dana Michelle Franck, 8928 West Canada Goose Court, $140,000.
02/19/2021 Joseph DeAngelo to Christine M McKim, 6425 Teal Bend, $65,000.
Catawba Island Township
02/17/2021 Gordon P Bak to Timothy S and Celeste Mueller, 5505 Mabel Drive, $265,000.
02/17/2021 David C and Sandra K Pienta to Douglas R and Karen L Riggenbach, 2170 North Wedgewood, $300,000.
02/18/2021 David F and Marsha A Polus to Michael E and Debra Weigel, 7770 Ingrams Ridge Drive, $1,230,000.
02/19/2021 Chris L and Kathleen M Cermak to Martin E and Kathleen A Molloy, 4336 East Terrace Circle, $218,250.
Elmore Corp
02/18/2021 Eugene O and Linda S Zunk to Bethany L and Derek Eugene Snider, 1288 West State Route 105, $144,900.
02/19/2021 Jason R and Ashley R Kaylor to Michael J and Alanea C Davis, 208 Fremont Street, $160,000.
Danbury Township
02/17/2021 Marsha L Bird to CBMart LLC, 6005 East Harbor Road, $315,000.
02/19/2021 Mike Zinicola to Tina L Home and Justin S Esber, 725 Laurel Ave, $250,800.
02/19/2021 Louisville Title Agency to Brian K and Stacey C Hrabak 2356 harbor Bay, $99,900.
02/19/2021 Laurene Rose Pasztor and Christopher L Newcomb, 2100 S Sugarbush, $89,900.000
Erie Township
02/18/2021 Kenneth and Edna Van Hoose to Travis D Smith, 1790 West Lakeshore, 1812 West Lakeshore, and 1810 West Lakeshore, $20,000.
Port Clinton Corp
02/17/2021 Barbara Ann Davis to Travis Trent, 712 Edison Lane, $46,000.
02/19/2021 Port Clinton F LLC to Pamela Cancelli, 216 West Lake Shore Drive, $176,000.
02/19/2021 Rising Doors LLC to Guardian City Investments LLC, 736 West 3rd Street, $36,555.
02/19/2021 April Riffle to Edward Sean and Juneda Marhevka, 115 E 2nd College Ave, $129,000.
Portage Township
02/17/2021 Knoll Crest Investors LTD to Bassett Investors LTD, 0.5601 acres Southeast Catawba Road, $43,999.
02/17/2021 Storage Condominiums INC to Steven T Frank, 4125 East Kirk, $49,500.
02/17/2021 Kris C and Sandra L Krems to Ghassan and Debra Salim, 32 D Grand Lake Drive, $139,00.
02/17/2021 Zane Enterprises LLC to Brenda J Wamsley, 721 East third Street, $129,00.
Salem Township
02/18/2021 John Charles Spino to Nicholas W Cray and Aubrey L Challis Cray, 9530 West State Route 163, $427,000.
Sand Beach
02/18/2021 Lola and Malcolm Murray to Paul and Stacey Sohner, 6381 North Fourth Street, $152,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
02/18/2021 Michael R and Melissa A Tinkey to Jodi Beth Cooper, 312 North Locust Street, $85,000.
02/19/2021 Lester Weatherwax to Co-Pilot Counseling, 301 West Main Street, $50,000.
02/19/2021 William C Taylor to Audrey K Young, 149 Prospect Street, $95,000.


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