Real Estate

Real Estate

Week ending March 31

Allen Township
03/31/2023 Amy Sue Perry (Successor (Trustee) to Joy Caroline Herrera and Nathaniel Tyler Herrera, 3135 North Bolander Road, $115,000.
Benton Township
03/30/2023 Edward J Gahler and Jane K Price-Gahler to Janene D Lattimore and Jared R Lattimore, 668 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $140,000.
Bay Township
3/30/2023 Anthony Sedmak and Cheryl Sedmak to James, 0 Bradner Street, $30,000.
Carroll Township
03/31/2023 Robert R Kaiser Jr. to Robert Wilbur, 4125 North State Route 2, $25,000.
03/31/2023 Stephanie L Stoler to Robert Wilbur, 4125 North State Route 2, $25,000.
03/31/2023 Tamara B Storey-Klosinski and Richard Klosinski to Matthew J Hermes, 6395 Teal Bend, $110,000.
Elmore Corporation
03/31/2023 John Valerius to Lindsay M Lee-Little, 354 Ottawa Street, $85,000.
Catawba Township
03/29/2023 Matthew L Mahnen to Wade K Gottfried and Chelsea L Gottfried, 0 Windward Waterslip #28, $25,500.
Danbury Township
03/27/2023 Michael Incorvaia Jr. and Michael Incorvaia Sr. nka Richard A D’Angelo to Barbara E D’Angelo and Richard A D’Angelo- Co-Trustees of the D’Angelo Joint Revocable Trust Dated March 3, 1996, 2061 South Bailiwick Lane, $569,900.
03/27/2023 Arden Leonhardt to Rodney E and Paula R Ayers, 2337 South Debra Drive, $155,000.
03/27/2023 Michael V Bettencourt and Jessica L Bettencourt to Thomas A Ramsdell and Luanne S Ramsdell, (0.0072 acres) 0 Lakefront Drive, $20,000.
03/28/2023 Thomas F Mahler to Allen and Ashley Miller, 5539 Von Glahn Road, $35,000.
03/28/2023 Scott A Mahler and Beth A Mahler to Allen and Ashley Miller, 5539 Von Glahn Road, $70,000.
03/29/2023 Daniel L Buckey and Evelyn E Buckey to Todd Baumgartner and Bridget Baumgartner, 0 Jasmine Avenue, $230,000.
03/31/2023 Jeff A Lippus and Sherri A Lippus to Michael Lipowski and Jennifer Lipowski, 2560 South Waterside Court #231, $ 529,000.
03/30/2023 Alexander Bandelaria and Emma P Bandelaria to Franklin a Lovell Jr. -Trustee of the Franklin A Lovell Jr. Family Trust U/A/D 9/11/1992, 710 Harsh Road, $715,000.
03/31/2023 Randco Inc. to Jeffrey M Keefer and Tammy Bechtler, o Memorial Shoreway, $75,000.
03/31/2023 Margaret C Jones to Ethos Capital Partners LLC, 0 E Main Street, $150,000.
Port Clinton Corp
03/28/2023 Anthony Greco and Karen Greco to Annette Kay Banichar, 1609 Waters Edge Drive, $729,999.
03/29/2023 Paul Bonhard to Reel Struggles LLC, 0 West Lakeshore Drive, $50,000.
03/31/2023 Patrick Taylor (Executor of Judith J Magi Estate) to Blake Magi, 714 East 2nd Street, $150,000.
Portage Township
03/31/2023 Claude E Michael to Gary W Ball II and Paige Portales, 1816 South Bay Drive, $84,000.
Salem Township
03/27/2023 Troy A Fritch Sr. to Travis Finn, 11047 West Cullman Road, $140,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
03/31/2023 Bay Area Services LLC to Michael D Hartman, 425 Locust Street, $168,000.


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