Real Estate 2/1/2021

Week ending Jan. 22

Allen Township
01/19/2021 Dennis R and Joanne E Karl to Jeshurun R and Amanda R St. John, 5615 North Oakwood Lane, $250,000.
01/21/2021 Betty A Mlynek to George and Nancy Khouri, 24140 West Young, $242,000.
01/22/2021 Scott F and Kristi M Lau to Justin S and Shelby T Lau, 5575 North Opfer Lentz Road, $90,000.
Catawba Island Township
01/19/2021 Patricia L Schraidt to Robert J Schraidt, 4789 E Schoolhouse Road, $137,000.
01/22/2021 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services to Robert J and Alona K Martin, 3895 East Wineyard Village Drive, $250,000.
01/22/2021 W.W Emerson Company to Keith A and Kimberly L Babcock, 3567 & 3573 East High Point Lane, $29,900.
Genoa Corp
01/20/2021 Diane Terry (Successor Trustee) to Angela J White, 202 West Second Street, $131,000.
01/22/2021 Lori L Litton to Crystal L Bays, 1513 Superior Street, $170,000.
Harris Township
01/20/2021 Jason D Goetz to Justin Donald Mathew Radsick, 14760 West State Route 163, $120,000.
Danbury Township
01/20/2021 Elizabeth A Kesterson to James S and Deana J Spencer, 1070 Buck road, $25,000.
01/20/2021 Kristopher J and Kimberly S Carico to Elizabeth A Kesterson, 319 South Spring Crest, $47,822.10.
01/20/2021 Jane L Curtiss and William Hire to Stephen L Ruedrich to Loralee Marsh, 620 Poplar, $411,500.
01/20/2021 Janice L Seabeck to Daniel and Deneice Ontko, 141 North Bedford Street, $100,000.
01/20/2021 Rudolph Platzer II and Ruth E Schneider to Philip and Linda Rath,5487 Mystic Bay Blvd, $995,000.
01/22/2021 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Jon E Horner, 5686 State Route 163, $86,350.
01/22/2021 Rodney k and Carla M Jacobs to Chris L and Kathleen M Clark, 1010 Lakeview Drive, $299.000.
Port Clinton Corp
01/19/2021 MOD Development LLC to Martha L Balsink, 212 Lakeshore Drive, $185,000.
01/21/2021 David A and Laura B Rygiel to Carol Bucar, 250 West Lakeshore Drive, $100,000.
01/21/2021 Amy Timmons to Clare Jordan, 329 East Seventh Street, $98,500.
01/22/2021 Valerie K Culver to Logan Randall McKinney, 749 Kaspar Street, $173,500.
Put In Bay Corp
01/22/21 Melanie M Anslow (aka Melanie M Duff) to Doug Fulton, 0 Duff, $105,000.
Salem Township
01/22/2021 Franklin E and Bernadine A Hammer to Dean J Hammer, 1710 Portage South Road, $40,000.


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