Parks and Trails Improvement Grant awards issued

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The Park District of Ottawa County Board of Park Commissioners recently announced the awards for the 2023 Parks and Trails Improvement Grants.
This grant opportunity was open to all political subdivisions, public libraries and public schools in Ottawa County. It was the Park District’s second year offering the grant program.
In total, the Park District awarded $315,000 to eight public entities in Ottawa County. The selected projects will address community need and connectivity, and will enhance outdoor recreational experiences for residents and visitors of Ottawa County.
Among the 2023 awarded projects:
• Oak Harbor Library – Book Trail at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Fox Unit. The Book Trail, “Wild Pages,” will involve the permanent installation of sign frames along a fully accessible and maintained trail. Pages from children’s books are placed within these frames so they can be read by families while enjoying a casual hike along the trail. Activities and programming will also be incorporated into “Wild Pages.”
• Village of Clay Center – Park play area improvements. The Village Park will be enhanced with swinging benches and a swing set. The improvements will greatly benefit the singular recreational area within the village of Clay Center.
• Village of Genoa – Veterans Park and North Coast Inland Trail Restroom, Phase 2. The restroom project will provide a needed amenity for residents and visitors who frequently utilize the park for youth sporting events and other community activities. The restroom is also along the route of the 75-mile North Coast Inland Trail, also known as US Bike Route 30, and will provide a much-needed restroom location for the trail. Additionally, the building will serve as a concession stand.
• Village of Oak Harbor: Oak Harbor Riverfront Trail. The Riverfront Trail is a long-standing community vision to create a public trail along the Portage River in downtown Oak Harbor. Over the past four years, the project has gained substantial traction and funding through several grants and Ohio Capital Budget funding. It is projected for completion in 2024.
The 2024 grant program will open for applications this fall. Contact Executive Director Jannah Wilson at 419- 707-4051 or with any questions related to the grant program.


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