Ottawa County Senior Resources recognizes meal drivers

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        Ottawa County Senior Resources’ Home Delivered Meal program provides nutritious meals, wellness checks and caring contact to participating homebound seniors.
          “These services are so important to our seniors, as our home delivered meal drivers are sometimes the only daily face-to-face interaction that some of them have,” said Dianne Mortensen, M.Ed., CTRS, Senior Resources director. “Delivering meals provides an excellent opportunity for us to check on the well being of our seniors.”
        The agency has chosen May as Home Delivery Meal Driver Month and will be honoring all program staff during the month, including drivers, meal packers, office personnel and volunteers.
        “We are excited to celebrate the entire team’s efforts and thank them for keeping our county seniors safe and well-fed throughout the entire COVID crisis,” Mortensen said.
        “Our home delivered meal drivers do so much more than just delivering a meal, especially during the pandemic,” she said. “Along with checking on the seniors daily, they helped to make sure our seniors had the items they needed, such as toilet paper, soap, masks, hand sanitizers, sanitizer wipes, and extra food.
        “Despite this pandemic and all of its restrictions, the drivers provided daily interaction, even if from a distance,” she said.


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