Oregon OKs bid to renovate space in police division

Kelly J. Kaczala

         Oregon City Council on Monday approved a purchase order to Lakeside Interior Contractors, Perrysburg, for the renovation of the records and former dispatch center in the Oregon Police Division.
        With the recent consolidation of dispatch, the police department is renovating the old dispatch center to repurpose the area.
        “When dispatch vacated the room that they were in, that left us with some open space to rework,” said Police Chief Brandon Begin. “We will move the records section to a bigger area to accommodate for that, and redo the whole records department section to make it a more usable space for us. We just want to get this space more usable for what we need.”
        During the 2022 budget meetings, the renovation was discussed, with some funds set aside for the project.
        Three quotes were submitted, according to Begin: Lakeside, at $49,500, Rudolph Libbe Inc., for $60,000; and Buehrer Group for a range of $200,000 to $240,000 with an additional cost of $16,000 for architectural and engineering design.
        Lakeside submitted the lowest combined quote to complete the full renovation. In an effort to diminish the overall cost of the project, all of the demolition work has been completed by the Oregon Street Department. A part of the renovations requires the installation of two electronic card readers to tie into the city’s existing card reader system with Asset Protection Corporation (APC). In addition to the Lakeside quote of $49,500, APC’s quote was $7,925. Only one quote was sought for the card reader work, as the card readers have to tie into the current card reader system in the City of Oregon. It brings the overall total for the project to $57,425.
        Councilman Steve Hornyak asked about the expense of the project.
        “We did appropriate funding for this in the budget. Did the scope of work change?” asked Hornyak, referring to the wide difference in quotes from the Buehrer Group and Lakeside.
        “It did not,” said Begin. “The original quote that we got was for over $200,000 from the Buehrer Group for the same type of repairs. When we went through the budget process last year,  it was the only quote we had. We knew if we were going to do it cheaper, we would have to accommodate and do less with the space. When we went with Lakeside and got other quotes from other companies, Lakeside came in with something very similar to what we wanted to do in that original quote. So that’s why there’s a price difference.”
         Also at the meeting, council:
        •Accepted a purchase order from BP-Husky Refining, LLC, to provide traffic control services through the Oregon Police Division.
        BP-Husky Refining LLC plans to use Oregon Police Officers for traffic control services for one of their projects.
        The City of Oregon Police Division will be reimbursed for direct costs.
        “They’re doing a large shut down and retooling that will be going on until at least June,” said Begin. “It requires multiple officers per day in the morning and evening for traffic control services. This is a purchase order for reimbursement for those officers to be out there as a special detail.”
        •Entered into an amended agreement with Toledo Refining Company, LLC, to provide traffic control services through the Oregon Police Division on an as-needed basis, and reimbursed.
        Toledo Refining Company, LLC, wants to use Oregon police officers for traffic control services at and around their property.
        The Oregon Police Division will be reimbursed for direct costs based on actual activity completed.
        “This is pretty much the same as with BP,” said Begin. “But it’s for Toledo Refining Company. We have no set timeline to do any traffic control details with them. This is a three year contract with wage increases over those three years to provide traffic control services and safety services in and around Toledo Refining.”
        •Approved a purchase order to Atlantic Emergency Solutions, Findlay, to provide maintenance and repair services for fire engines and tower ladders. Atlantic Emergency Solutions specializes in all areas of repair for Pierce fire engines and tower ladders, and is needed when the repairs require service outside of the scope of practice of the local vendor. Atlantic Emergency Solutions is the sole vendor in the area that can perform all repairs
        “The vast majority of our trucks are manufactured by Pierce,” said Fire Chief Denny Hartman. “It’s for repairs that are manufacture-specific that can be handled locally.”
        Council President Tim Zale said he was concerned the ordinance didn’t have a cost attached to it.
        “Is there a threshold of expense that has to be approved by council?” asked Zale. “Because of the nature of the contract” said City Administrator Mike Beazley, “we wanted to get this approved so they can go out and get that work done. Ultimately, it has to be within the budget. If it’s outside of that, we’ll come back and get council’s approval.”
        •Issued a purchase order to DMC Technology Group Inc., Toledo, for the purchase of a license for Microsoft 365 Commerce for $29,754 to be used for the City of Oregon and Oregon Municipal Court. The city is currently operating Microsoft Office 365. The Microsoft license will give city employees the most updated Microsoft office products on computers. The current licenses are on a month-to-month license agreement.


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