The Nostalgia Highway

Project Child Safe issued 500 gun locks to local police departments to pass on free to gun owners. The departments included Northwood, Walbridge and Pemberville.

President George W. Bush appeared at Owens Community College to push his education agenda which called for more federal funds for community colleges.

Sports: Mike Lucas hit two free throws with five seconds left securing Waite’s win over Clay in the championship game of the River East Classic. It was Waite’s 11th title in the 17 years of the holiday classic.

Following a 22-1 season, the Oak Harbor girls basketball team stood at 12-0, well on their way to a second consecutive undefeated regular season. Coach Dick Heller’s squad was led by Megan Bodnar (5.5 assists per game) and Jen Moor (17 points per game).

Price check: Johnny’s on the Spot sold a carton of Kool cigarettes for $26.12.

Hot then, gone now: Rick’s Coffee House & Music Café, Northwood.

January, 1994
News: Concerned Citizens in Opposition to an Adult Book Store planned an informational meeting at Trinity Grace Brethren Church in Northwood. The group opposed a proposed adult book store seeking to locate on Woodville Road near Owen Road.

The Elmore Area Citizens Association spoke out against a proposal to build a turnpike interchange at S.R. 51, stating the road wouldn’t be able to handle the additional traffic. However, Dave Crozier, an Elmore businessman, contended that in 10 years the village would see a “positive difference.”

Sports: John Rivera, 19, a Clay grad, finished 8th in bull riding in the Mid-State Association Professional Rodeo Circuit. Rivera competed in six states including West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Coach Jim Gramza’s Clay hockey team was on a 13-game win streak and finished first in the City Metro High School Hockey League. The line of D.R. Myers, John Berryman and Bob McClain scored 72 of the team’s 140 goals.

Price check: Jack’s Royal Meats sold extra lean ground beef for $1.69 lb.

Hot then, gone now: Olney Market, Oregon. 

January, 1984
News: A study by Judge James W. Bachman of the Bowling Green Municipal Court showed a 24 percent increase in drunk driving arrests and convictions following implementation of the state’s tougher drunk driving law which made it illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .10.

The Village of Elmore held the first reading of an ordinance terminating its cable vision contract with Matrix Vision of Toledo. The ordinance cited breach of contract for not supplying service in the time the company promised. The contract went into effect May 11, 1981 but, two-and-a-half years later no cable.

Sports: Lorna Richey, who the previous summer set a record for endurance running when she ran 401 miles and 919 yards in the New York Six Day Run, was named head track coach at her alma mater, Clay. She became the first woman to hold the position.

Price check:  Value City Furniture sold an 8,700 BTU Kero-Sun Heater for $68, a savings of $51.95.

Hot then, gone now: Wynnwood Restaurant & Tavern, Oregon.

January, 1974
News: State Rep. Fred Deering answered critics who wanted Ohio to be exempt from daylight savings time. Deering said only states, like Indiana, with two time zones could exempt themselves. The time move was expected to save the nation two percent of its energy usage and 150,000 barrels of oil a day.

An article in the Suburban Press asked, “Can women do men’s jobs?” The reporter wrote, “What are the prospects for women who set their sights on becoming engineers, firefighters or scientists, or decide to become doctors instead of nurses, or accountants instead of secretaries?”

A study conducted at the Johnston O’Connor Research Foundation’s Human Engineering Laboratory concluded, “There is no field which can, with absolute assurance, claim to be the exclusive domain of either sex.”

Sports: Jeff Shaneck broke the single-game scoring record for the Genoa Comets when he racked up 42 points in a 94-71 victory over Gibsonburg. Genoa was ranked 9th in the state in the AA basketball poll.

Price check: Genoa Bank offered a four-year, $1,000 CD at 7 percent interest rate.

Hot then, gone now: National Fabrics, Great Eastern.

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