New event added to CMP’s National Matches Long Range Series

Ashley Dugan

CMP Staff Writer

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) National Long Range series will again be fired July 31 through Aug. 5, highlighted by a new event.
For the first time, 2023’s schedule will include a Mid-Range 3x600 Match – 20 shots slow prone at 600 yards in 22-minute block times. The addition is just the beginning of CMP’s Mid-Range offerings, with more planned to be implemented in the near future.
Open to competitors of any experience level, the CMP’s National Long Range Series features 10 individual and team events in Service, Match and Palma rifle classes on Camp Perry’s 1,000-yard Viale Range.
The matches are open to Match Rifle, Service Rifle, Palma, F-Open, F T/R or AR Tactical categories. Awards will be presented to overall competitors from each rifle class during their respective competitions, along with overall aggregate awards to leading individuals through the duration of the Long Range series. The National Long Range series is part of the CMP’s annual National Matches, held at Camp Perry, Ohio.
Other events and courses of fire include:
• Viale Memorial, Critchfield, Henry Memorial, Kerr Memorial, McMaken & Speaks Memorial and Baesel Memorial individual matches – 20 record slow prone shots in 30 minutes at 1,000 yards.
• Bataan Memorial 4-Man Team Match – 20 shots slow prone by each member at 1,000 yards.
• Winder Memorial Iron 4 Man Team Match – 20 record shots per team member in 47 minutes from 1,000 yards.
• Camp Perry Palma Match – 15 record shots at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards, in a block time of 22 minutes at each firing line.
View CMP’s Highpower Rifle Competition Rules (2023) at
For additional information on the CMP’s National Long Range Matches and to register, visit or contact CMP’s Sara Rozanski at


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