Metropark, cemetery expansion among highlights in Jerusalem Twp.

        Jerusalem Township Trustee Beau Miller noted some of the highlights in the township last year at a recent “State of the Communities” meeting at Mercy St. Charles Hospital that was sponsored by the Eastern Maumee Bay Chamber of Commerce.
        The township is 35 square miles, has 230 square miles of water, and a population of 2,800 residents.
        The fire department, which has 28 members, responded to 409 calls in 2022, said Miller.
        On average the department handles between 350-400 calls each year with the trend of calls increasing year by year. The majority of calls are EMS related calls, next with fire, and water rescue, mutual aid, and weather related emergencies.
        The township also added a 26’ Boston Whaler to its fleet last year.
        “It was used several times on the lake with great success,” said Miller. “In 2023, they’re planning on submitting a grant for a new 3,000 gallon tanker.”
Cemetery expansion
        The cemetery, built in the 1900s, only had 10 spots left, said Miller. The township bought some property to expand it.
        “We are in the middle of Phase 2. We hope to have it completed this year, which will allow for 1,500 more graves,” said Miller.
        The township tar chipped seven roads for approximately four miles and replaced five catch basins. “Most of our roads are in good shape now. We don’t see anything for 2023,” he said.
        The township upgraded its building complex in 2022.
        “We put in epoxy floors, new paint, and put in a digital sign at our complex,” said Miller.
        The township received an $83,000 Coastal Shoreline Grant from the Ohio Lake Erie Commission to research its dike systems.
        “Once this is completed, we can go after big money for improvements,” he said.
        Phase 2 of the Howard Farms Metropark was completed last year.
        Phase 2 restored 203 acres of coastal wetlands (Phases 1 and 2 restored a total of 774 acres); restored four miles of deep water channels for fish habitat and kayaking (total 10 miles); and constructed 2.5 miles of hiking trails and boardwalks (total 9.1 miles).
        As part of Phase 2 construction, Metroparks replaced over 0.5 miles of failing flood control levies with newly constructed wetland dikes, reducing the risk of flooding to over 70 adjacent residences. The project also eliminated drainage from 243 acres of agricultural land into the Lake Erie western basin to enhance water quality. It constituted the single largest wetland restoration project completed under the federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
        Miller also pointed out the need in the school system for more free lunches.
        “I am a private business owner and one of the things I found going into the school year is, someone reached out to me about some school children who were struggling to pay their lunches. The kids were coming from nothing. Our company made a commitment. We sent a very generous check to a school to pay off all of the lunches and we asked the principal to apply credits to their accounts. We are going to continue to do that.” He added that other businesses may want to get involved as well.
        “There’s nothing worse than a hungry kid.”


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