Letters To The Editor Week Of 6/6/2022

Justice served?
To the editor: A man and woman get into a confrontation. The police arrive and they have to decide what took place during the quarrel.
The woman can say that the man hit or abused her. The police now become judge and jury. In these situations, the man is likely to go to jail. This is not justice. The police did not witness or have proof of what happened.
The man may have to pay bail, miss work due to court and possible jail time, and pay for an attorney.
This is wrong and needs to be changed.
Chances are the woman will be back with the man again.
In this country, no case should be decided without witnesses. I took four years of law classes and this type of case should never be called just.
I personally know a woman who scratched the inside of her arms to say that is where her husband held her.
Larry Erard

Overcoming evil
To the editor: I take exception to always calling these mass shootings a result of mental illness. Thousands of people suffer from a lack of chemicals in the brain which causes emotional trauma. This does not mean that they go out and kill someone.
The presence of evil can overtake a person and control their behavior. The person can either be possessed or obsessed with an evil spirit. There are many ways that a person can open themselves to evil without knowing it. And if not released it can continue to exacerbate and make the person worse.
Scripture is very clear in this regard. Jesus said He came to give life and that the enemy (Satan) came to steal, kill and rob. (John 10:10)
I strongly suggest we bring back prayer or at least a moment for those who want to start the school day the opportunity to do so quietly.
They can ask for God's protection and the protection of the angels, especially St Michael. We cannot be everywhere but the Lord and His angels can. The Catholic Church has reinstituted the St Michael prayer after every mass. They have done so because they see the evil that is permeating society.
In the meantime, we need to do everything humanly possible to protect our kids.
Steve Cherry

Veterans helped
To the editor: A big thank you to the Elmore Community. Because of you the American Legion Auxiliary, with the help of many volunteers, collected over $1,710 during the Poppy Drive this past Memorial Day Weekend.
All Poppy Funds are only used to help local veterans. Thank you everyone for making this possible.
Marilyn Metgzer, 2022 Poppy Chairman
American Legion Auxiliary Community Unit 279


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