Letters To The Editor Week Of 4/25/2022

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A good deal
To the editor: When you wake up in the morning what do you see? Infants sleeping in bed? Young people getting ready for school? Photos of your grand kids?
Are not these some of the most important things in your life? When you get an opportunity to assure a bright future for them how do you respond?
Over the last 10 year or so I have had the fantastic opportunity to photograph various events at some of the schools in The Press circulation area. I have met hundreds of young people, many teachers, a few superintendents and thousands of volunteers. If you have never volunteered at your local school, get involved, it will help you understand their needs and you will be immediately rewarded.
A typical annual cost to educate a child in a public school is $9,000 in this area. That’s $117,000 for kindergarten through the 12th grade.
Look at your property taxes and let’s assume all of your tax dollars go to support schools and your total tax is $2,000 per year. That means if all your tax dollars went to the schools it would take you 59 years to pay for one child’s education (not adjusting for inflation).
Of course, many parents have more than one child, which means if all of your property tax money went to the schools you would never pay enough for their education.
It looks as though you are getting a pretty good deal and that doesn’t even count the free help schools get from the volunteers.
If a school in your area has a levy on the May ballot help your child and everyone else’s kids by supporting the levy. The world is a mess. Education is the solution for the future.
Harold Hamilton
Editor’s note: Harold Hamilton is a freelance photographer who submits photos to The Press

Food and fitness
To the editor: I read the recent article "Five Tips for Springing back into Fitness" in The Press and I wanted to comment.
The food you should eat should have the highest sucrose (grown in the crop) content. This can easily be measured with a simple device. It should be from crops growing in the ground for more than one year.
The reasons are the higher the sucrose, the higher the mineral content, the higher the protein content, the lower the nitrate content, the lower the nitrite content, and the better tasting it is.
If you have a crop growing for more than one year it can have deeper roots and be more nutritious. The food should be organically grown.
Chris Dietrich

Wind farm woes
To the editor: A news story from AP writer Matthew Brown states: “A subsidiary of one of the largest U.S. providers of renewable energy pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was ordered to pay over $8 million in fines and restitution after at least 150 bald eagles were killed at its wind farms in eight states.”
We are entering a migration season here with the Biggest Week in American Birding. I wonder about the wind turbine in Oregon located between Pearson Park and Maumee Bay Park. What was the thought process in locating a wind turbine here? What kinds and how many birds have died here? Does this make sense?
Susan St. John


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