Letters To The Editor Week Of 4/18/2022

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More tax, less service?
To the editor: I recently received a rather threatening letter from the state attorney general office. It seems I was a little late in responding to payment for county emergency medical service.
The tone of the letter seemed to indicate they were quite prepared to take all my property and put me on the street if I didn’t pay up.
When Social Security is your main source of income you sometimes get a little behind on things. That’s life.
Remember when we paid taxes for government services? Now we pay more taxes and then get billed for the services.
The government loves to prance around the globe and save the world. It would be nice if it saved a few of us Americans.
I guess somebody has to pay for all those federal holidays.
Don Garner

Foundation thanked
To the editor: Community Christian Academy would like to thank the Ottawa County Community Foundation for choosing us to be a grant recipient during their 2021 Award Campaign.
The generous grant we were awarded in June of 2021 helped us with the cost of installing two air conditioning units. The dream and necessity of having air conditioning within our school building has now been fulfilled.
We truly appreciate the Ottawa County Community Foundation, its board members and all of those who contribute to the foundation, for their desire to support the non-profit organizations of Ottawa County. The Ottawa County Community Foundation truly holds true to its mission: Doing Good. Forever.
Michele Garcia Community Christian Academy, School Supervisor


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