Letters To The Editor Week Of 3/28/2022

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Inflation question
To the editor: It seems logical that when a democratic society causes a huge inflation upon its citizens that everything would increase in cost.
Not so. Food, gas, electricity, services etc and other items have gone up in a non-ending fashion.
Then why haven’t our Social Security benefits gone up equally? Same old story. Forgot about those of us who can’t work anymore. Too old perhaps.
Wake up America, the Washington big boys only need us at election time. Remember their names.
Larry Erard

Crying wolf?
To the editor: I listened to the Ukrainian president plead for help, and I also read that Zelensky is a dictator. As with the boy who cried "wolf," we don't know what to believe.
However, what we do know is that our current leader, who is occupying the Oval Office, cares nothing about protecting our borders and cares everything about protecting Ukraine's borders.
What we do know is that he gave Ukraine $10 billion, not million. Seven days ago President Biden also announced $800 million is military aid. On Feb. 2022 Biden said $350 million in military aid. What we do know is that, as proven by the Ukraine bribery video, Biden gave Ukraine a billion dollars in 2020, while Americans receive crumbs. In David vs. Goliath, David was the good guy and we all know who won that fight. God is on the side of good and only God knows the truth. Something just isn't right about the Russia/Ukraine war. Too many people live by their feelings and not wisdom.
Laurie A. Bahnsen


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