Letters To The Editor Week Of 12/13/2021

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Lay a wreath,
honor a veteran
The Ottawa County Wreaths across America committee invites the community to join them Saturday, Dec. 18 for the Wreaths across America Day celebration.
This year’s event will take place at 11 a.m. at the Salem Twp Union cemetery on SR 105, west of Oak Harbor. Following the ceremony, attendees are invited to help place the wreaths on the graves of veterans buried there.
The committee’s goal is to annually place a wreath on the grave of every Ottawa County veteran. This goal can only be reached with your donations. Each wreath that is placed costs $15. We have one township that helps raise the funds for their cemeteries. Local efforts to help raise funds for the remaining cemeteries in each township would be appreciated by the committee.
Contact Sara Toris at 419-898-2099 to learn more.
Funds are now being collected for our 2022 ceremony. Checks payable to Wreaths across America can be sent to Wreaths Across America, 8444 W. SR 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449. All donations are tax deductible.
John Heminger
Wreaths Across America Committee

Support appreciated
To the editor: Thank you to the many donors who contributed to the success of the No-Show Novel Night non-event in support of the Wood County District Public Library.
Through your generous support, more than $111,000 was raised to buy books, audiobooks, eBooks, and more.
Kelsey Nevius
Communications and Marketing Specialist
Wood County District Public Library

Who’s subsidized?
To the editor: Let's take a look at the guest editorial by Daniel Savickas, government affairs manager for Taxpayers Protection Alliance, in the Dec. 6 issue of The Press.
The Taxpayers Protection Alliance is an advocacy front group that is part of the Koch political network. Yes, the Koch Brothers, who, according to the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Political Economy Research Institute, are one of three companies that rank among the top 30 polluters of America's air, water, and climate. It's no wonder Savickas is bashing Build Back Better and clean energy subsidies; he's just doing what his Koch bosses tell him to do.
He also neglects to state that the oil and gas industries receive about $20 billion a year in taxpayer subsidies. Assuming his figures are correct that renewable energy subsidies have cost the American taxpayers $100 billion in the last four decades, then oil and gas have cost the American taxpayers $800 billion over four decades.
Perhaps we should stop subsidizing the oil and gas industries first; maybe help our planet heal from the destruction fossil fuels have created, and then we can take a look at renewable energy.
Kathryn Hess


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