Letters To The Editor Week Of 11/15/2021

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Best Christmas gift
To the editor: Chad and Victoria (Rogers) Albright, in partnership with the Eastwood Key Club, Freedom American Legion Auxiliary Unit #183 Pemberville, and Troy-Webster American Legion Auxiliary Unit #240 Luckey, are spearheading the effort to put wreaths on veterans’ graves in the Eastwood district for the Christmas holiday.
The Albrights brought the “Wreaths Across America” project to the local organizations in 2019. This year, the group has expanded its goal to eight cemeteries, including Webster Township, Old and New Belleville Ridge, Salem, Pemberville Union, Fish, Eisenhour and Troy Township.
The wreaths cost $15 each, and more than 1,450 are needed to assure that all veterans buried in these cemeteries have a wreath on their grave for Christmas.
This year, we have arranged for a “buy two, get one free” agreement with Wreaths Across America. If you are interested in supporting this project, please make a check payable to Wreaths Across America for $15 for each wreath you wish to sponsor. Remember, if you sponsor two wreaths, you will get the third one free.
Sponsorship forms are available at Unvaulted Treasures in Luckey, Eastwood High School and Frobose Meat Locker and IGA in Pemberville. They are also available on the Eastwood Community Wreaths Across America Facebook page. The form includes a QR code.
If you wish to sponsor online, please visit wreathsacrossamerica.org/pages/162817 for a secure online transaction. Use the Fundraising Group ID: OH0225. You may also contact one of the committee members listed below for forms, questions, or volunteer information.
Orders must be received by Wreaths Across America before Nov. 30. Mail forms early.
Wreaths will be shipped directly to the location, not to individuals. The wreath placement ceremony will be held Saturday, Dec. 18 at 10 a.m. in the Eastwood High School Auditorium. Following the ceremony, the groups will move to the respective cemeteries immediately following the short ceremony. Family members of the veterans will first be asked to place a wreath on their loved one’s grave, then volunteers will place the rest of the wreaths.
As longtime advocates of veterans and their families, we can’t think of a better Christmas gift. Please act now to be included as sponsors for this wonderful project.
A special thank you to Chad and Victoria Albright for bringing this project to our community.
Nathan Howard,
Eastwood Key Club, 419-833-3611
Anne Michel,
President, Freedom Unit #183, 419-308-0142
Becky Dippman,
President Troy-Webster Unit #240, 419-409-6032
Chad and Victoria Albright,

Following leaders
To the editor: If someone wanted to get rich quick he or she would only have to follow the leaders.
My wife went to her doctor to get a yearly influenza shot. The shot took about two minutes and cost $62.
If that shot was for the “regular” influenza and cost $62, how much would we be charged for a Covid shot were it not covered by the government - $100 each?
Think about this. If some “leaders” were to create a need for all people around the world to get a vaccination for a man-made sickness and the cost was $100 each.
Leaders of such a movement would extend it by telling the world a booster shot is needed because the first shot wasn’t as effective as expected.
The shots are being funded by our tax dollars. Thank God for the men and women who go to work every day. We are today’s working men and women.
Larry Erard

Questionable actions
To the editor: Why did our leaders close down the Keystone pipeline day one in office? Why would our leaders want to close down the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan at a time when gas and home heating costs are skyrocketing?
They will claim it is due to the climate crisis. Is it more advantageous to use a pipeline or railways to move the oil? Is it more advantageous for us to be energy independent or have to beg OPEC for more oil. Has there really been a debate? I have my opinion but they could pretend to at least debate the best way to move the oil. They could pretend to debate being energy independent versus begging OPEC for our oil needs. It would seem they skipped the debate and just went with their pockets being lined by special interests.
On Nov. 5 Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm cackled when asked by a reporter what the administration was going to do to ease the burden energy costs are having on Americans. Seems like a rather heartless reaction to a question that affects so many. Why would our leaders beg OPEC for more oil when we were and still have the ability to be energy independent?
Why would our leaders go on an overseas trip and attend a climate summit that required an 80-plus car entourage? Don't forget all the jet fuel. Best choice for the environment?
Protecting the environment is a noble cause we can all participate in but not while watching the hypocrisy of our leaders. I say not while watching Americans scrape by just trying to heat their homes, fill their gas tanks or buy groceries.
Those who claim to be at the forefront of this cause are getting their pockets lined. Americans are losing jobs by their decisions, paying more at the pump, grocery store, and for heating costs. Are American citizens’concerns really a concern for them? Actions clearly speak louder than words.
Kim Kraemer

Fair map needed
To the editor: In 2018, Ohioans overwhelmingly came together to pass a reform measure that overhauled the congressional redistricting process. Because of the successful reform effort, our state constitution now requires transparency in map drawing and ample opportunities for public input on the map that will shape our political future for the next decade.
However, the Ohio Redistricting Commission duties are ending in a fizzle since it announced it wouldn’t be meeting their Oct. 31 deadline to adopt a 10-year map.
As the pen moves to the Ohio General Assembly, Ohioans are still demanding a fair and transparent process with ample opportunities for public engagement that ends with a fair map. That means public hearings that are scheduled with plenty of notice and with virtual options to ensure widespread accessibility. And a fair map is one that reflects how we vote, keeps our communities together, and ensures communities of color have real pathways to representation.
We cannot afford a repeat of the egregious state legislative map-drawing process nor continued failure of the congressional process to date because of certain politicians’ inaction. The Ohio General Assembly must get to work immediately to convene a joint redistricting committee, the Republicans must propose their own map, and public hearings must be scheduled quickly.
We’re running out of time to live up to our 2018 reforms. Ohio is 46 percent Democrats, yet Republicans are drawing maps that give them 87 percent representation. If fair maps are not drawn, Ohio Democrats will declare any elections conducted under these conditions as rigged, illegal, invalid, and unconstitutional. There will be lawsuits holding up government and the elections in the courts for years.
It will be a lot simpler for all of us if the maps are drawn fairly to begin with, Governor Dewine.
Paul Szymanowski


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