Letters to the Editor Week of 11/11/19

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Duties not met?
To the editor: All voters in the Oregon City School District should listen to the audio recording of the special meeting of the school board conducted on 10/24/2019 and read the article in The Press of 11/04/2019 "Oregon schools seek levy on March Ballot.”
You will hear Carol Molnar and Mike Csehi say their concerns are for the students and the employees.
A quote from Molnar, "We can move forward with course offerings, opportunities and services for all students while maintaining a living and competitive wage for our employees.”
The vision of this board has always been the latter.
I have written the board numerous times to remind them that a balance should occur between educational needs and community resources.
The board members take an oath to perform faithfully the duties of his/her office.
If you believe they are not performing their duties/role please call/write them before the levy is placed on the ballot.
Michael J. Gavioli


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