Letters To The Editor Week Of 1/10/2022

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Suckers at fault
To the editor: In the Dec. 27, 2021 issue of The Press, columnist Jim Hightower spent quite a bit of time trashing team owners and corporate America for the high cost of sports.
Yes, I do believe they could spend their dollars better - distributing to non-profits, helping with disaster relief, funding little league teams, etc.
However, it is worthy to note that they are not the real villains. The real culprit is us, the patrons who support these sports. We are ones glued to our couch while eating chips, pizza, wings and drinking our favorite carbonated beverage or alcoholic choice. We are the suckers: we fall for the pretty girls who haven’t gained a single pound while swigging their beer, the larger-than-life pizza that looks too good to be true, and the chips with the funny commercials that makes you just want to buy them.
We just can’t resist.
Additionally, there are the die-hards who attend the game and pay the inflated price for tickets, parking, and concessions. They suffer through the agony of in-person attendance even more than the stay-at-home guy. If they can afford to, let them do it. It is the price of entertainment in America. Is it the fault of big corporations, big sponsors and the big sports machine? Only if you support them.
Michael Hall

Kettle help thanked
To the editor: The Elmore Unit of The Salvation Army wishes to thank the Elmore Kiwanis, Richard Harman, of Woodville, and all the volunteers for faithfully standing by our kettles.
A total of $6,139.71 was collected from the Woodville and Elmore communities and the collections were spent within our local communities.
Last year we assisted people with heating, rent, utilities, fuel and other emergency needs.
This past year we disbursed $5,134 back to those in need. We were given a budget of $7,700 and at year’s end the unused balance is returned to the Toledo office of The Salvation Army to help serve the area’s needy.
A special thanks to all who donated money and bought gifts from the Angel Trees in Woodville and Elmore libraries. This year we served 13 families, including 33 children.
Janice Netcher

County cares
To the editor: It is this time of year that I, with an overflowing heart, report on the success of The Salvation Army – Port Clinton Service Center’s 2021 Holiday Season Programs.
Each day, as we hear in the news media in our own community, there are events happening that have a way of putting life’s perspectives in order.
It is because of the caring and generous residents in our County that I am able to report that, we have surpassed our $69,000 Red Kettle Goal, by raising an unbelievable amount of $85,974.77. We have also exceeded our giving capacity in so many extra ways. Besides the money we raised in the kettles, the countless toys, bikes, coats, hats, gloves, socks, boots, pajamas, and mittens that were donated this year, have surpassed previous years.
If not for our 282 volunteers and their 1,956 hours of bell ringing, collecting, sorting, and distributing toys, our kettle sites; Walmart, Kroger’s, Friendship Food Store, Millers Market in Genoa and Community Market in Oak Harbor, this would not have been possible.
We also were able to distribute over 3,200 toys to over 780 children along with over 1,000 hats, gloves, mittens, pajamas, coats, socks and finally, raise $14,473.49 at our 18th Annual Tree A Rama Charity Auction.
Maureen M. Saponari
The Salvation Army – Port Clinton Service Center


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