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for abortion
To the editor: People can waste all the time and money they want in their efforts to put abortion on the ballot, but it makes no difference at all. No matter who votes for what, there is no one on earth with the authority to permit anyone to kill a baby. Not the pope, not the president, not the U.S. Supreme Court.
Even if the law says you can kill a child, when you die and are facing God, you will still have to answer for the death of that child.
Though you may get through this life with no blame or punishment or guilty conscience for whatever part you played, you can’t slide past God on judgment day.
Mary Jo Bosch

Native Americans
deserve more
To the editor: Not a week goes by that I don’t receive at least two or three requests for money from Native American tribes or organizations.
Their needs are food, water, clothing, decent housing and heat. Items you and I take for granted. One tribe has water trucked in and each family gets seven gallons a day.
But the illegal immigrants are treated like royalty. Free housing, clothes, phones, food, medical care and transportation.
Some were housed in a $500 per night hotel in New York City, which they proceeded to trash.
The Bureau of Indian Affairs should be ashamed. It should be made to remove its posh offices to the poorest reservation and have to live there too. I’ll bet things would change in a hurry.
Carlene Trost

Poor location
for gas station
To the editor: The City of Oregon is considering zoning changes at the corner of Navarre Avenue and Isaac Street Drive.
The zoning board couldn’t just change the zoning so it was submitted as a request for a special use permit.
The request was submitted for an elaborate multi-purpose gas station close to St. Charles Hospital and across Isaac Street from where the Town Center is proposed.
There is already a great deal of traffic congestion in the first block of Navarre Ave. coming off I-280 east into the city.
There are already two gas stations, a used car dealership, fast food outlets, restaurants, a beauty shop, a Walgreen’s store, residences and two access streets from residential areas.
In the next block of Navarre Ave., from Wheeling to Coy, there are more commercial businesses, the hospital and a clinic, and other businesses.
A better fit for the mega gas station, would be east of Coy Road in the area of the Wal-Mart store.
Putting a gas station so close to the hospital is a bad idea and I can’t even fathom city leaders considering it.
Ruth Price


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