Komminsk Family Kodiak Ridge exhibit opens at Toledo Zoo

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        The Toledo Zoo officially opened the new Komminsk Family Kodiak Ridge on March 16.
        The new home for the Zoo’s grizzly and Kodiak brown bears officially opened to the public following a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the bear exhibit, located by Tiger Terrace.
        Cody, Montana, and Dodge are the three bears who get to call the exhibit their new home. Born in January 2015 in Yellowstone Park, Cody and Montana are Grizzly bear sisters who came to live at the Zoo at just 6 months old as orphaned cubs. Rounding out the bear trio is Dodge, a Kodiak Brown bear born on Kodiak Island in Alaska.
        This latest addition to the Zoo’s world-renowned facility provides a unique opportunity for visitors to observe, interact and learn about these magnificent animals. Encompassing more than 14,000 square feet, the expansive exhibit has been extended to give the Zoo’s three bears more room to roam – and visitors more opportunities to get up close from two viewing areas.
        Featuring a 5,000-gallon pool for the bears to enjoy, the Komminsk Family Kodiak Ridge also includes a 130-square-foot cave for them to nap in, complete with a viewing window for the visitors.
        Also built into the exhibit is a smelling log, which allows visitors to crawl inside and come face to face with the bears like they’ve never seen them before.
        A dedicated dig area for the bears is mirrored with a public sandbox on the opposite side of the exhibit, providing the perfect opportunity for the bears and kids to dig and play “together.”
        In addition to providing the bears with an expanded, stimulating environment, the exhibit features educational and interactive displays and an indoor space for school groups.
        “We are thrilled to open the Komminsk Family Kodiak Ridge to give our three bears more space to thrive and have plenty of opportunities to exhibit natural behaviors, like foraging and climbing,” said Michael Frushour, curator of mammals for the Toledo Zoo. “It’s a wonderful addition to our Zoo, and we are excited to be able to provide our guests with this unique, up-close experience.”
        For more information about the exhibit and the Zoo’s brown bears, visit toledozoo.org/kodiakridge.


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