Genoa students, art teacher featured in Fine Arts Exhibition

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        The artistic and musical talents of 19 gifted students from area elementary and high schools were showcased March 25 the second annual Fine Arts Exhibition at the Ernsthausen Performing Arts Gallery at Norwalk High School.
        Presented by North Point Educational Service Center (NPESC), the exhibition highlighted the work of students identified as gifted in the arts at 16 schools from Huron, Erie, Ottawa and Sandusky counties.
        “We had a fantastic turnout,” said Susie Capucini, coordinator of gifted services for NPESC. “We nearly tripled our candidates and spectators compared to last year’s event.”
        NPESC started with students with special talent in visual art last year and added musicians to their gifted screening this year. Next year, students gifted in dance and/or drama will be added to the program.
        Teachers in the 16 schools that contract with the agency for their gifted services use a rubric approved by Ohio Department of Education to screen students for the program.
        “We are very excited to be able to expand this program,” Capucini said. “North Point has grand plans to grow this annual gifted screening event into an anticipated, interactive community celebration of our region’s most talented youth.”
        “We’re very proud of the artistic presence within North Point districts,” said Brandi Goodwin, gifted education supervisor and arts integration specialist. “NPESC is very passionate about supporting our districts in making the arts an integral part of education.
        “We’re trying to break down the barriers between the arts and traditional subjects, like history or math, to provide additional access points for learners of all types,” Goodwin added.
        Jean Gidich-Holbrook, Genoa Area Local High School art teacher, and Goodwin judged the visual art entries for the event. Melissa D’Aliberti, Norwalk High School band director, served as the evaluator for music students, who performed in a casual café-style setting.
        “As an evaluator, stumbling upon some seriously impressive student artwork was like striking gold,” Gidich-Holbrook said. “It’s such a cool experience to witness the raw creativity and unique perspectives of young artists. I always leave feeling inspired and excited about the future of art.”
        To prepare for the event, many of the art students experimented with new and varied media to grow in versatility.
        Genoa fifth-graders Gianna Carroll and Andrew Nutter had visual artwork in the exhibition.
        NPESC plans to partner with regional arts organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for students and professional development for area teachers as part of the agency’s gifted services program.
        North Point Educational Service Center employees 300 to support 28 school districts across Huron, Erie, Ottawa and Sandusky counties with programming for special education, early childhood, gifted education, alternative education options and auxiliary services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy. NPESC also provides teacher professional development, administrative consultation, regional networking for curriculum development and school data analysis.
        Sixteen districts contract for gifted education program services provided by Brandi Goodwin, Susie Capucini and Geneen Morrison.


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