Dare To Live Without Limits Week of 11/15/2021

Bryan Golden

When projecting into the future try to be positive

What you project into the future has a powerful impact. Your mind works to create the future you imagine. If you project a problem filled future, this is what you will attract. Conversely, you will attract a positive future if this is what you project.
You can also use future projection to minimize any anxiety you might be feeling today. Most, if not all of the issues you are worrying about now won’t materialize. You already know this from experience. So, if what you’re worrying about now won’t happen in the future, save yourself all the needless stress by not worrying today.
What about something which makes you angry or upset today? Will it bother you tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or five years from now? If it won’t, why allow it to bother you now? Save yourself a lot of misery by letting these troubles roll off your back instead of taking hold.
Don’t allow your past to pollute your future. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t constrain you to the same negative experiences in the future. There’s nothing forcing you to relive your past.
Learning from your past enables you to improve your future. The past shows you what doesn’t work and what does. Eliminate any unsuccessful behavior while repeating effective strategies which worked. Something which went wrong should be considered a learning experience rather than a mistake.
Adverse childhood experiences are often used as excuses for why one’s future has been negatively impacted. What’s already transpired is over. It becomes an anchor only if you let it. As an adult, you are free to decide what path to follow. There’s no point to being tethered by your past.
Don’t project fear into your future. Fear can be based on your past experiences. When something didn’t work out well, you become afraid to attempt it again. Fear can also be based on your insecurities. Unchecked fear, regardless of the source, is a roadblock to achieving your goals.
Since fear exists in your mind, you can vanquish it. Instead of using fear as a limitation, just go and do what you want to do. Failure only occurs when you give up. So, when something doesn’t work as expected, figure out what went wrong, make corrections, and keep moving forward.
Insecurities, or a lack of self-confidence are often projected into the future. Both of these factors are overcome by improving your knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you don’t want to acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities yourself, you can connect with someone who already has the resources you need.
Unreasonable self-judgement can also be projected into the future. If you feel you don’t deserve, or feel guilty about success, your future will be limited. Being successful is good as long as you achieve it honestly and ethically. The more successful you are, the more you can be of service to and help others.
Projecting a positive future is much more appealing than a negative future. You want a future which is rewarding and worthwhile. Instead of making excuses for why you can’t get what you want, formulate reasons for why you can and will.
You must project a future which is in line with your core beliefs. Acting contrary to your beliefs is typically unsuccessful and leads to increased anxiety. Doing what you believe in provides lots of satisfaction.
Imagine your future as a movie screen upon which you can project any story. You are the writer and director. Anything is possible in your movie. You can have any scenario play out. Your future is up to you.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2021 Bryan Golden


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