Dare To Live Without Limits 5/2/2022

Bryan Golden

Problems have the power to improve your life

Everyone has to deal with problems. The more successful you become, the more problems you have to overcome. Problem solving is an essential key to success. Someone who is not exposed to enough problems doesn’t develop this skill.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, problems have the power to improve your life in numerous ways. Strong problem-solving skills are an essential component of success. Those who reach the highest levels of success do so by solving the most problems. Solving problems propels you toward your objectives.
Life is filled with surprises and the unexpected. Successfully solving problems you encounter makes you a better problem solver. The more problems you solve, the more adept you become.
Proficient problem solvers are able to readily adapt, adjust, and improvise as needed. They get right back up if they stumble and fall. They are not stopped by obstacles. Problems are viewed as necessary for success.
Problem solving conditions you to work under pressure. When faced with a problem you want to say to yourself, “OK, here’s what I’ll do,” not, “Oh no, what am I going to do.” The goal is to find the solution for each problem, not a problem in every situation.
Each problem reveals new opportunities. Finding solutions identifies previous unknown paths. Inventions, developments, innovations, and new businesses exist because of problems. Human nature drives us to find new and improved ways of living.
Problem solving leads to better decision making. You have to quickly analyze your current situation, evaluate various alternatives, and then pick the best option. You become a good decision maker by making good decisions.
Problems get you to look at a situation from various perspectives. Simply changing your point of view provides new insights. A solution often appears when you are looking for it from a different angle. The cause of a problem is often not what you initially thought it was.
Problems are quality control. They identify areas needing improvement. Sometimes problems can be predicted by running through “what if” scenarios ahead of time. Anticipating potential problems allows you to take corrective action before problems develop.
When something goes wrong you must figure out exactly what happened and why. Fixing a problem requires an accurate understanding of the cause and effect relationship. It’s also imperative to differentiate between causes and symptoms. A cause is what created the problem, whereas a symptom is what happened because of the problem.
Problems are solved by addressing the root cause, not by mitigating symptoms. Problems persist when only symptoms are dealt with. Accurately identifying causes requires diligence and patience as several attempts may be required before the exact cause is identified.
Solving problems requires thinking outside the box. Be willing to use innovative solutions. Avoid discounting a possible approach just because you haven’t used it before. Let your creativity run free.
Successfully dealing with problems builds confidence. You’ll be more willing to take calculated risks with the knowledge that you are an effective problem solver. Confidence gives you an inner calm which enables you to objectively assess your current situation.
Problem solving hones your listening and observational skills. The more information you have about what’s happening, the more readily you can determine the best course of action. When encountering a problem, look at what is happening and ask questions to gain as much insight as possible.
Critical thinking skills are necessary for problem solving. You can’t accept things at face value. Instead, you must strive to understand why the problem was encountered. Problems are best dealt with sooner than later. Ignored problems tend to intensify.
Don’t be afraid of problems. Welcome them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Every problem has a solution. Learning to find it is an invaluable skill.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2022 Bryan Golden


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