Condo residents look to subdivide their property

Larry Limpf

A Lake Township resident is asking the Wood County Planning Commission for guidance on how he and his neighbors on Lakepointe Drive can have the property where their condominiums sit subdivided into private lots.
James Umbaugh, 3690 Lakepointe Dr., approached the township trustees earlier this month with his request but was advised he should consult with the planning commission.
“We would like to get the record changed that we are private homes just like any other homes instead of condos,” he said.
Umbaugh said a neighbor of his tried to sell a condo about four years ago and found many prospective buyers were finding it difficult to secure a mortgage.
“The lenders would send out a 10-page questionnaire that included a question, how much money does the condominium association have for repairs on the buildings? We’ve lived here 43 years and never had a condominium association, nor have we paid dues. So the banks say no to mortgages because we are a condo and we’ve always treated it as private property,” Umbaugh said. “We’re trying to get it changed and subdivide into private lots.”
Umbaugh’s residence shares a semi-circular driveway with three other single-family units and a duplex. Each residence has its own driveway to the common driveway that intersects with Lakepointe Drive.
Dave Steiner, director of the planning commission, said via email that his office is researching the matter and what options may be available to the Lakepointe residents.
Umbaugh said he approached the trustees to float the idea of having a grassy area between the shared driveway and Lakepointe Drive designated as township property and let the township change the common roadway to a public street.
“That way our property lines will be on a public street,” he said.

Zoning change
The Wood County Planning Commission has recommended approval of a request to rezone 100 acres of land in Troy Township from A-1 Agricultural to R-3 Residential.
The request was submitted by George Katakis who said he would like to develop a residential subdivision on the parcels.
Before voting on the request, members of the planning commission expressed concern that two of the three parcels are in a 100-year floodplain.
The plan commission’s recommendation is not binding on the township. The township zoning commission will hear the request before it is decided by the trustees.


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