City council OKs bid for police fleet maintenance

Kelly J. Kaczala

        AAA Tire & Auto Service will provide fleet maintenance services for the Oregon Police Division after council approved their bid at a recent council meeting.
        AAA Tire & Auto Service provided the best bid and is fully qualified to perform and conduct the fleet maintenance services for a one-year period of Jan. 1, 2021 through Dec. 31, 2021, with an optional second year through Dec. 31, 2022, according to Police Chief Mike Navarre.
        Currently, the contract is with Mathews Ford, which is now Baumann Ford Oregon, said Navarre. For next year, it was necessary to rebid.
        The request for proposals, he said, were hand delivered to six area vendors in Oregon. Traditionally, the city prefers awarding such bids to local vendors.
        “Three of them were returned. We looked at the three bids that were submitted. The best bid is from AAA Tire & Auto Service. We believe them to be the best because they are cheaper on the most commonly repaired and replaced items. That’s tires, batteries, oil changes, radiator service, air conditioning, transmission, and wipers. So the police division is recommending for 2021 that we give the maintenance agreement to AAA Tire & Auto Service,” said Navarre.
        The other two vendors that submitted bids were Baumann Ford Oregon, and Belle Tire Distributors Inc.           
        Councilman Tim Zale said he had a chance to review the agreement and “thought their rates looked very, very good.”
        He asked about the company’s acquisitions of other vehicle repair businesses in the city. It is located at 4041 Navarre Avenue, formerly the location of Dan R’s Automotive Service Center.
        “When they took over the businesses, was there a complete employee changeover for the business, or just a name change because I’m not familiar with AAA,” said Zale.
        “AAA took over a lot of businesses in this area,” said Navarre. He said he took his personal vehicle to Smitty’s Automotive on West Sylvania Avenue in Toledo, which was acquired by AAA Tire & Auto Service last year.
        “I believe they have taken over several businesses in this area. I do not believe there were any employee changes,” said Navarre.
        Also at the meeting, council agreed to renew its agreement with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) for $32,400. It provides criminal justice information through the Northwest Ohio Regional Information Systems (NORIS) and records management support for the police division for the period of Jan. 1, 2021 through Dec. 31, 2021.
        Navarre said the cost increased by $1,315 from last year’s agreement.
        “NORIS services our records management and provide our connectivity to the state and national databases, which are used on a daily basis for warrant checks, criminal histories, and drivers license checks,” said Navarre. “It’s a good relationship. I think the increase is minor compared to the amount of services they provide.”
        Council also renewed an agreement with the Jerusalem Township Trustees to provide the township with dispatching services for fire and rescue emergency calls Jan., 2021 through Dec. 31, 2021 for $11,709.30. The amount is the same as last year’s cost, according to Navarre.
        Zale asked Navarre about the agreement ending once the plans to consolidate 911 services in Lucas County are implemented next year.
        “I’ve been attending most of the meetings by Zoom,” said Navarre. “A complete changeover is expected to occur by the end of next year. It’s not all going to happen at the same time. They were going to move fire over first. So it’s very possible the dispatching calls we’re doing for Jerusalem Township will stop probably sometime in the third quarter of next year. Then for the police agencies, they will do them one at a time. They will do some of the smaller communities first – maybe Maumee, Sylvania, and Oregon. I do expect all of the fire service in Lucas County will occur before the police agencies. It’s on track to all be done before Dec. 31, 2021.”
        Council also approved an ordinance for the installation of seven street lights at the Villas at Parkgelande. Toledo Edison recommended the installation of 50 Watt LED acorn post top style luminaires on fiberglass poles with underground service.
        The developer paid installation charges. Property owners will be assessed for the operating costs. The estimated cost to property owners is $1.01 per front foot per year.
        “The installation of the street lights is for a new subdivision that runs between Parkgelande to Pickle Road,” said Mayor Mike Seferian. “It’s a requirement for new subdivisions to be lit.”


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