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Real Estate Transfers
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Thursday, 07 January 2010 11:29

Bay Township
12-30-09 Kevin A. Gottron et al to Eugene P. Weishuhn et al, 4470 Oak Harbor Southeast, $60,000.
12-31-09 First federal Bank of the Midwest to Jack and Jules Bene, 2965 Risingsun Street, $28,000.

Clay Township
12-28-09 Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jon A. Shank, 1747 North Thyre Drive, $86,000.
12-28-09 George W. and Christopher M. Gaertner to Katie E. and Albert R. Beach, 23934 West Meadow, $110,000.
12-31-09 Federal Home Mortgage Corp. to Joel M. Mann, 2168 North Centerfield Dr., $45,000.

Genoa Corp
12-30-09 Aaron M. and Tracy L. Mahn to Fannie Mae, 403 West Main Street, $53,334.

Catawba Township
12-30-09 Midland Title Agency to Sunshine Land III, new split Lot 4 Section 3, $611,100.
12-30-09 Midland Title Agency to Midland Title Agency,Lot 4 Section 3, $144,000.
12-30-09 William Ebling to Russell C. Edwards, Jr. and Cynthia L. Edwards, 2216 North Carriage Lane, $156,250.
12-30-09 Cliff A. Gallatin to Huntington National Bank, 4355 –B Marin Woods, $340,000.
12-29-09 Daniel D. and Brenda F. Anderson to JohnJ. And Mary A. Macbride, 4913 East Wood Duck Court, $70,000.
12-29-09 Deutsche Bank National Trust Compny to William F. and Sarah N. Moore, 958 Lost Lake Road, $399,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 10:48

Danbury Township
12-23-09 Norma J. Kihlken et al, to Zachary Kihlken, 6305 E. Port Clinton Eastern Road, new split, $10,000.

Marblehead Corp.
12-22-09 Ronald W. Lemle to Michelle Barsoum, 4055 South Woodcliff Drive, $89,500.

Port Clinton City
12-21-09 Timothy and Nancy Burket to M. Avolene Kohlman, 808 Taft Street, $98,000.
12-21-09 Homesales, Inc. to Benjamin D. and Jennifer M. Roberts, 418 West Fifth Street, $27,000.
12-21-09 Cathy Beal to W.S.O.S. Community Action Commission Inc., 325 Ash Street, $14,781.84.
12-21-09 Cathy Beal to W.S.O.S. Community Action Commission, Inc., 318 Cedar Street, $13,097.74.
12-22-09 Margaret Kolesar to Joseph L. Mares, 523 Harrison Street, $72,200.
12-23-09 Steve S. and Lisa Marie Benko to Donald E. McNally, 815 Glendale , $149,000.
12-23-09 Merle W. and Martha M. Ahres to Matthew D. Vassallo and Lindsey N. Martin, 409 East Fourth Street, $108,500.
12-23-09 Beth A. Miller to Michael G. and Shannon M. Mares, 510 East Third Street, $98,500. 

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 14:41

Benton Township
12-17-09 Marvin G. and Connie Reed to John C. and Jennifer K. Schneider, 6771 North Elliston-Trowbridge Road, $140,000.

Carroll Township
12-14-09 Daniel G. Clark to Craig and Denise Pomerville, 6754 Pearl Road, $130,000.
12-16-09 US Bank National association to Mary A. and Larry G. Cover, 9954 West Collingwood Blvd., $72,500.

Clay Township
12-15-09 Christine L. Coutcher to Genoa Banking Company, 19215 West State Route 51, $69,800.

Genoa Corp
12-18-09 Elizabeth A. Valentine to Rima Deal, 810 Cherry Street, $102,000.

Catawba Township
12-16-09 Harbor’s Edge Development III LTD to Jeffrey B. and Kim K. Frazier, 4731 East Tradewinds Drive, $352,000.

Marblehead Corp.
12-16-09 John K. and Diane L. Kelley to Pamela L. and Herbert J. Tippie, 3344 Confederate Drive, $185,000.
12-16-09 Mary S. Coffee to Irvin J. and Darlene J. Davis, 126 West Main Street, $80,000.

Harris Township
12-17-09 Ruth C. McMaster to Gary L. and Donna B. Ameling, new split West State Route 105,$4,860.

Portage Township
12-15-09 James A. and Elizabeth F. McLean to Wade and Tara Nilson, 351 East Bayview , $48,000.

Port Clinton City
12-14-09 Alan J., Rubye M. and David B. Noska to Matthew W. and Julie A. Reynolds, 250 A West Lakeshore Drive, $115,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
12-14-09 Thomas A. Cousino to Deutsche Bank Trust Company, 591 Benton Street, $63,334.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 15:19

Allen Township
12-11-09 Ronald F. Schimming to Schimming Farms, LLC, 38.530 Acres, $106,500.

Bay Township
12-10-09 Patricia A. Bell to Theodore E. Johnson, 2965bWest Wayne Street, $154,500.

Clay Township
12-8-09 John E. and Connie J. Moore t o Martin and Amy Sutter, 10.3 acres on Zwicker Road, $4,998.

Genoa Corp
12-10-09 Jay P. and Susan M. seeger to Laurie L. Sondergeld, 502 Wilson Street, $87,000.

Marblehead Corp.
12-7-09 Bay Point Acquisition, LLC to Brent G. and Laura J. Marshall, Lot 24 , Bay point Shores, $400,000.
12-7-09 William J. and Melody A. Gill to Joel and Denice Havenstein, 10654 East Bayshore Road, Unit 6, $205,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 14:48

Allen Township
12-1-09 James Lee Avery to Matthew R. Angel, West Toledo Street, $12,000.

Benton Township
12-2-09 Willis E. and Ann T. Tasch to Daniel V. and Michelle L. Ulrich, new split 3074 North Stange Road, $98,000.

Carroll Township
12-4-09 Craig and Denise Pomerville to Joseph J. Boney and Sandra J. Hayes-Boney, 6765 Marquerite, $80,000.
11-30-09 German Fernandez, Jr. and Mary M. Caputo-Fernandez to Bruce J. and Christine L. Golatka, 6504 Harris Harbor, $44,000.

Genoa Corp
12-1-09 Sandra Jones and Bernice Stull to SGI of Bowling Green, Inc., 808 West Street, $77,000.
12-1-09 Leo R. Casares to Joseph A. and Amber M. Hartford, 402 Wilbur Street, $88,000.

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