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Real Estate Transfers
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 15:19

Allen Township
12-11-09 Ronald F. Schimming to Schimming Farms, LLC, 38.530 Acres, $106,500.

Bay Township
12-10-09 Patricia A. Bell to Theodore E. Johnson, 2965bWest Wayne Street, $154,500.

Clay Township
12-8-09 John E. and Connie J. Moore t o Martin and Amy Sutter, 10.3 acres on Zwicker Road, $4,998.

Genoa Corp
12-10-09 Jay P. and Susan M. seeger to Laurie L. Sondergeld, 502 Wilson Street, $87,000.

Marblehead Corp.
12-7-09 Bay Point Acquisition, LLC to Brent G. and Laura J. Marshall, Lot 24 , Bay point Shores, $400,000.
12-7-09 William J. and Melody A. Gill to Joel and Denice Havenstein, 10654 East Bayshore Road, Unit 6, $205,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 14:48

Allen Township
12-1-09 James Lee Avery to Matthew R. Angel, West Toledo Street, $12,000.

Benton Township
12-2-09 Willis E. and Ann T. Tasch to Daniel V. and Michelle L. Ulrich, new split 3074 North Stange Road, $98,000.

Carroll Township
12-4-09 Craig and Denise Pomerville to Joseph J. Boney and Sandra J. Hayes-Boney, 6765 Marquerite, $80,000.
11-30-09 German Fernandez, Jr. and Mary M. Caputo-Fernandez to Bruce J. and Christine L. Golatka, 6504 Harris Harbor, $44,000.

Genoa Corp
12-1-09 Sandra Jones and Bernice Stull to SGI of Bowling Green, Inc., 808 West Street, $77,000.
12-1-09 Leo R. Casares to Joseph A. and Amber M. Hartford, 402 Wilbur Street, $88,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 14:57

Rocky Ridge Corp
11-25-09 Kai A. and Renee S. Ward to US Bank National Association, 14573 West Third Street, $36,667.

Carroll Township
11-25-09 Richard D. & Barbara J. Truitt to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., 6665 North Crescent, $70,000.
11-23-09 Jody D. Henry, et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 11565 West Salem Carroll Road, $115,000.

Genoa Corp
11-25-09 Lynn M. and Jesse A. Ramsey to Federal National Mortgage Assiciation, 208 Buckeye Street, $97,533.

Catawba Township
11-23-09 William R. and Sharon S. Dittman to Robert L. and Jackie J. Holbert, 1660 North Compass Avenue, $255,000.

Danbury Township
11-24-09 John H. and Laura J. Podsiadlo to Yvonne L. Hutchson, 2231 Harborview Dr., Lot 30, $127,900.
11-24-09 Richard Gregory MOG to Warren E. Champlin II, 329 North Florence Drive, $80,000.
11-23-09 Thomas P. Cendroski, Jr. and Joyce J. Cendroski to Raymond E. and Julia M. Frankart, 2043 South Tecumseh, $145,000.

Marblehead Corp.
11-23-09 Johnson’s Island Investment Group LLC to Edward J. and Mary C. Daniels, 3936 South Woodcliff, $50,000.
11-24-09 Ronald A. Cepis, Nancy K. Cepis and John T. Mazur to Frank G. and Daniela V. De Nigris, Lot 431 Bay Haven Estates, $80,000.

Portage Township
11-23-09 Charnell Shores, LLC to Mark J. Miller and Sheau-Ping HU, Lot 41 Tillotson’s Sub. Sand Road, $215,000.
11-24-09 Randall J. and Lisa M. Beil to Terry Wilkinson, 2416 East Schiewe, $207,500.
11-24-09 David Hepkins to JDM Structures, LTD, State Route 163, $39,000.
11-25-09 Jancor Properties LTD to Kenneth S. Spero, 680 Plasterbed Road, $32,500.

Oak Harbor Corp
11-25-09 Ryan Alan Pickut to Lori L. Clune, 255 South Robinson, $160,000.
11-24-09 Debra L. Seeger to Emily M. Barry, 151 South Brookside Drive, $210,000

Week ending Nov.20
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 13:22

Clay Center Corp
Brian A. and Neva J. Hammersmith to Nicholas A. O’Neal, 1450 N. Genoa Clay Center, $116,000.

Benton Township
11-18-09 BSC Farms of Ottawa County int Betty J. Millinger to James R. and Mandie K. Rollheiser, new split 1.304 acres, $105,000.

Clay Township
11-17-09 Brian A. Hammersmith to Nicholas A. O’Neal, 1450 North Genoa Clay Center, $116,000.

Genoa Corp
11-16-09 Anna L. Meckling to Jeffrey J. Meckling, 216 Washington St., $100,000.
11-16-09 John C. Knurek to Linda J. Pope, 201 Rose Drive, $106,500.

Catawba Township
11-17-09 Mark W. and Heather R. Kamann to Mark C. and Ginger Timney, garage unit GA-16 Come Sail Away, $15,000.
11-16-09 Mark W. and Heather R. Kamann to Mark C. and Ginger Timney, garage unit GA-16 Come Sail Away Condo.
11-16-09 Daniel B. Schuldt to Russell R. and Margaret M. Knight, 1859 NE Catawba Road #134, $65,000.

Danbury Township
11-20-09 Kevin C. Stengle to Frank L. and Wendy L. wright, 92 Sunnydale Lane, $45,000.
11-16-09 Beverly A. Kratz trustee to Gregory N. and Susan E. Deerhake, 499 N. Rockport, $310,000.

Marblehead Corp.
11-20-09 John T. and Claudia L. McDonald to Christopher N. McDonald and Julie Ann Lenner-McDonald, 11241 East Bayshore Drive, $157,500.

Erie Township
11-20-09 Gordon & Betty Sondergeld to SGI of Bowling Green , 128 South Thomas Drive, $54,029.
11-16-09 Gladys Honaker to Sharon K. Farrow, 2.6448 acres in section 29, $5,000.

Harris Township
11-18-09 Brent J. Havens to Edward J. Tristian, 1011 South Lickert-Harder Road, $95,000.
11-16-09 Donald L. Netcher trustee to Thomas F. and Irene L. Miller, .6244 acres, $10,500.

Port Clinton City
11-20-09 DJ’s Lounge to Beer Thirty’s, 212 Maple Street, $200,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
11-18-09 Timothy A. Konieczny to Richard F. and Mary Lou Meyer, 345 Toussaint Street, $105,000.
11-19-09 Ann Demeter Domokos to Allen A. and Janet L. Domokos, 121 Broad Street, $80,000.
11-20-09 J & M Properties & Investments to Jayne M. Sandwisch, 143 Prospect Street, $95,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 17:57

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German/English Weihnachtsstimmung service Dec. 20, 3:30 p.m., Grace Lutheran Church, 4441 Monroe St. (right before 475 freeway entrance). Seasonal scriptural readings, explanations, anthems and congregational singing in German and English, followed by ‘gemuelichkeit’ (fellowship) and German ‘kuchen’ dessert items.

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