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Real Estate Transfers
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 15:00

Allen Township
4-26-10 James E. and Linda M. Carter to Jeremy R. and Tracy A. Clevenger, 21135 West Toledo Street, $106,000.

4-27-10 Cynthia A. Draeger to Joel R. Jackson, 6680 Goldenrod Court, $240,000.

4-28-10 Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Knauss Jr., 21833 West Curtice East and West Road, $120,000.

Clay Center Corp
4-28-10 Federal National Mortgage Association t o Cody C. Palmer, 575 Main Street, $4,000.

Benton Township
4-30-10 Robert Lbuhrow, Gary L.Buhrow and Dean C. Buhrow to Frederick W. Kraemer, Jr. and Mary Jo Kraemer, 4879 North State Route 590, $156,500.

Carroll Township
4-29-10 Carlos Guttillo, Thomas Swan et al to Tom E. Aden, 6512 Harris Harbor, $50,000.

Clay Township
4-27-10 Genoa Banking Company to John J. Stolar III, 19215 West State Route 51, $116,000.

Genoa Corp
4-26-10 Todd A. Marsh and Bonnie K. Lane to Shelva J. Wick, 606 Superior Street, $90,500.

Catawba Township
4-26-10 Beach Towne, LLC to Robert A. and Deborah Gladden, 3145 North Beach Towne Court, $275,000.

4-27-10 Matthew C. and Sara J. Gottron to Donald D. Wendel, 323 NW Cataeba Road, $30,000.

4-28-10 Harbor’s Edge Development II, LLC to Dawn Duryee Boll, 4747 East Tradewinds Drive, $309,900.

4-29-10 Beach Towne, LLC to Richard T. and Charlene M. Garrison, 3161 North Beach Towne Court, $308,750.

4-29-10 Christopher and Patty Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association, 4528 Weyhe Road, $167,551.

4-30-10 James B. and Robetta Williams to John L. and Constrance R. Kufner, 4260-c Marin Woods, $145,950.

Danbury Township
4-27-10 Robert D. and Christine C. O’Hara to Gregory D. and Julie E. Golonka, 5555 Constitution Blvd., $125,000.

4-30-10 MSB OHIO LIMITED To Oscar F. Villarrea, 351 & 353 North Lighthouse Oval, $30,000.

4-30-10 David James Caputo to Federal National Mortgage Association, 202 Sunnydale, $56,667.

Marblehead Corp.
4-30-10 John J. and Judy A. Foley to David & Rajka Ries, 106 Landing Lane #B, $84,000.

Harris Township
4-28-10 Calvin J. Magsig to David L. and Royan F. Kaylor, State Route 51, $25,000.

Elmore Corp.
4-27-10 Deutsche Bank National Company to Triple Builders LLC, 253 Harris Street, $21,000.

4-28-10 Joseph J. and Michelle L. Brunkhorst to Glenn E. Sasscer Jr. and Karen E. Sasscer, 613 Ames Street, $125,000.

Portage Township
4-27-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage to G. Shannon and Susan R. Marr, 1941 Douglas Drive, $273,250.

4-27-10 Winkoe, LLC to Lanny and Virginia Nightingale, 4125 East Kirk Unit 116, $40,000.

Port Clinton City
4-26-10 Patricia J. Rowe to Troy A. Shaler, 520 East 10th Street, $114,000.

4-26-10 Vera H. Spooner and Conrad C. Beutler to Eric L. Hise, 618 East Third Street, $127,500.

4-26-10 Edward R. Fitzgerald to Debora K. Hirt, 602 East Third Street, $80,500.

4-26-10 Edward R. Fitzgerald to Charles W. Blessing, 1215 East Third Street, $75,000.

4-28-10 Ronald F. and Patricia A. Solinski to Thomas W. and Nadine M. Smith, 137 Cedar Street, $135,000.

4-28-10 Dorothy M. Kacik to Mark S. Kacik, 711 West Lakeshore Drive, $82,000.

4-30-10 Brandi M. Barris to Rex A. Willoughby , 717 Jackson Drive, part interest, $90,000.


Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 29 April 2010 13:36

Allen Township
4-19-10 Constance M. Kuyoth to Bernard J. Mackey Jr and Sharon J. Mackey, 22303 West Honeysuckle Lane, $195,000.

4-21-10 Frederick W. Kraemer Jr. to Paul J. Martorana II and Melissa Harris-Martorana, 19570 Walbridge East Road, $300,000.

Bay Township
4-20-10 Theresa Deak to Daniel J. and Shawna M. Baker, 4595 Oak Harbor SE Road, $175,000.

Carroll Township
4-23-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Manuel Salazar, 11565 West salem Carroll Road, $154,000.

Clay Township
4-22-10 Henry G. and Christine M. Schmidlin  to Michael T. and Statcey L. Lipstraw, Lot B-4, Camper Road, $26,500.

Catawba Township
4-21-10 Constance J. Mcdougal to Aurora Loan Services, LLC, 1988 North Carriage Lane, $937,998.

4-22-10 Harbor’s Edge Development II LTD to Craig A. and Julie M. Stacy, 4804 East Tradewinds Drive, $404,112.

4-22-10 Duane J. and Dixie Kerper to 3039 Firelands, LLC, 3039 Firelands Blvd., $240,000.

4-23-10 Gregory J. and Linda S. Peiffer to Bradley D. and Julie A. Heminger, 1310 North Orchard Beach Drive, $260,000.

Danbury Township
4-21-10 Mary Ann and David R. Demeter to Andrew G. Planet, 514 Idlewild Drive, $151,000.

4-22-10 Ronald D. Karns to Douglas J. and Karen K. Karns, 277 Channel Grove Road, $72,000.

4-23-10 Ruth Shaugnessy to Edward T. Rogers, 2140 Napama, $24,100.

Port Clinton City
4-21-10 Prisca L. Twardzik, et al. to Federal National Mortgage association, 211 Lincoln Drive, $56,667.

Salem Township
4-20-10 Joan E. Thompson to Kenneth A. Dubbert, 12632 W Portage River South Road, $140,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:47

Allen Township
4-12-10 Leroy James Lasher to Ronald J. Sandrock, 27.8 acres West Trowbridge Road, $95,000.

4-12-10 Naomi L. Lehmann to Donald L. and Margaret A. Berger, 21018 West Maple Street, $110,000.

4-16-10 Mark Mozer, et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 5362 North Branch Boulevard, $150,000.

Benton Township
4-16-10 Edward C. and Kimberly E. Dusseau to Michael T. Reif and Renee A. Dusseau Reif, 6.321 acres True Road, $18,000.

Carroll Township
4-14-10 James Schott to Joseph P. and Kay H. Kosiba, 8924 Canada Goose Court, $110,000.

4-16-10 Gary L. and Charles A. Wargowsky to Charles B. Wargowsky, 9634 West Toussaint East Road, $49,000.

4-16-10 Karen A. Lieske to Charles B. Wargowsky, 9634 West Toussaint East Road, $25,500.

Genoa Corp
4-13-10 Croghan Colonial Bank to Brent H. and Brady M. Huston, 418 Fourth Street, $147,000.

Catawba Township
4-12-10 Daniel A. and Lynn K. Kilgore to Michael T. and Vicki K. Phillips, 1623 NE Catawba Road #108, $32,500.

4-14-10 John S. and Diana J. Martin, 3616 North Delwood Drive, $190,000.

4-14-10 Michael A. and Connie Ross to John L. Dibling, 1550 North Compass Drive, $140,000.

4-16-10 Margaret B. Weaver to Karen E. Evans, 3770 East Cliff Road, $35,000.

Danbury Township
4-13-10 RGC Investment Properties to Fred J. and Carol S. Miller, 517 Cedar Avenue, $192,500.

4-15-10 Sandra L. Jones to Martin A. and Jacqueline E.Jaras, 2104 Sauger Drive, $240,000.

4-16-10 H.R.S. Property Development, LLC to Donald L. Eby, 5460 South Port Clinton Eastern #15, $26,500.

4-16-10 Carolyn S.and David W. McGugin to Charles A. and Joyce E. Gregg, 350 Maple, $100,000.

Marblehead Corp.
4-16-10 William Lucas to Robert J. and Irma Duche’, 121 Center Street, $65,000.

Harris Township
4-16-10 Federal National Mortgage Association to Sheree and Derold Fellmeth, 3712 State Route 590, $26,000.

4-16-10 Joseph L.M. and Marsha R. Schettine to Courtland E. and Diane M. Clark, 18321 West Sugar View Drive, $262,000.

Elmore Corp.
4-13-10 Joan M. Waters to Ina M. Stewart, 302 Jackson Street, $125,000.

Put In Bay Corp
4-12-10 Christopher C. Miniclier and Joanne L. Wolf to Joanne L. Wolf and Daniel W. Drake, 504 Catawba Avenue, $165,000.

4-14-10 Jeanne Corrigan et al to John Dodge, 500 Bayview Avenue, $333,334.

Oak Harbor Corp
4-12-10 Eric M. and Tracey J. Nycz to Myron R. Welch, 355 Ottawa Street, $105,000.

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 08 April 2010 12:13

Bay Township
4-2-10 Gary L. and Ruth A. Meade to David A. and Charolett S. Larson, 2555 Mulcahy Road, $172,000.

Carroll Township
4-1-10 Robert C. and Patricia C. DeGroot to Charles N. Ricketts, 8838 Canada Goose Court, $59,500.

Clay Township

3-31-10 Becky S. Warngrow to The Huntington National Bank, 2106 North Rieman Road, $25,200.

Genoa Corp

3-31-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to David L. Miller Jr. and April D. Laughlin, 902 Cherry Street, $50,000.

Catawba Township
3-31-10 James E. Brewer to Ohio Heartland Real Estate Ventures LLC, 1623 NE Catawba Road #112, $17,500.

4-1-10 Beach Towne, LLC to Daniel J. and Amy B. Lyons, 3155 North Beach Towne Court, $261,250.

4-2-10 Lila M. Oreskovich to CBC Development, LLC, 2855 A Canterbury Circle, $177,000.

Danbury Township
3-31-10 Clarence W. and Josie B. Kinnett to Arthur B. and Judith A. Hill, 374 Lighthouse Oval, $120,000.

3-31-10 James Michael and Dana Cathleen Bowie to Joshua M. and Jennifer A. James, 2761 Amherst Drive, $202,500

4-1-10 H.B. Magruder Memorial Hospital to Northcoast Development Group, Inc., 8980 East Hatshorn Road, $155,000.

Marblehead Corp.
3-31-10 Jo Ellen Geisman Acocks to James C. Geisman II, 309 Perry Street, $50,000.

4-1-10 Fannie Mae to Terry D. Durham, 10802 East Bayshore Road, Unit 108, $144,900.

Port Clinton City
4-1-10 Michael J. and JoElla J. Kerschner to Karl C. and Amy Kerschner, 503 C-5 West Lakeshore Drive,$147,000.

4-1-10 Northcoast Development to H.B. Magruder Memorial Hospital, Lots 4 & 5 Park Drive, $565,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
4-2-10 Eric J. Robertson to Old Fort Banking Company, 126 West Water Street, $56,667.

Election policy
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Wednesday, 31 March 2010 13:29

The Press encourages responses to articles and opinions. In order to provide for fair comment, The Press will have the following policy covering election letters to the editor:

The last issue for letters will be the second issue (April 26) before the May primary election. No letters will be published in the May 3 issue immediately prior to the (May 4) election except for letters limited to direct rebuttal of election-related issues appearing in the second to last issue

No new political information can be introduced in the issue immediately before the election. This is to prevent factual inaccuracies without a fair chance for correction.

Letters are limited to issues. The Press does not print letters about candidates’ races.

Letters should be no more than 300 words and include a phone number and address for verification purposes. No anonymous letters will be printed. The deadline is Wednesday, Noon. Send to The Editor, c/o The Press, Box 169, Millbury, OH 43447 or e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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