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Week ending Oct. 29
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:31

Allen Township
10-27-10 Dennis J. Layman to Margaret E. Boyd, 1430 North Genoa-Clay Center Road, $106,000.

10-28-10 Roger T. and Cheryl A. Hayward to Jean F. Yard, 22480 Red Clover Lane, $253,000.

10-28-10 Chad A. and Amy L. Miller to Robert A. Dedo, 6421 North Old Stone Trail, $30,000.

Clay Township
10-28-10 Fannie Mae to Carolyn M. Reitzel, 1722 North Smith Road, $106,500.

Catawba Township
10-28-10 Harbor’s Edge Development II, LTD to Mark A. and Stephanie L. Greenblatt, 4778 East Tradewinds Drive, $348,000.

10-29-10 Dean C. and Monica S. Iversen to Eric J. and Theresa C. Schramm, 4519 Island Pines Drive, $265,000.

10-29-10 Carolyn M. Hojnackinka Carolyn M. Reynolds & leRoy Reynolds to Julie A. and Daniel MacKinnin, 2715 B Cantebury Circle, $224,000.

Week ending Oct. 15
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Friday, 22 October 2010 08:45

Allen Township
    10-13-10 Ted L. and Christina A. Nafziger to Galen and Virginia Whiteman, 78.797 acres Fostoria and Trowbridge Roads, $346,706.
    10-15-10 Beth A. and Kevin M. Weller to Fannie Mae, 21361 Curtice East West Road, $40,000.
    10-15-10 Marilyn C. hack to Thomas A. and joan C. Truman, 45.528 acres West Curtice, $189,000.
    10-15-10 Katherine J. Vacyens to Stanley R. Baer, 5422 North Branch, $226,000.
Benton Township
    10-12-10 Charles and Kathy Flick to Dorothy and Joseph Luthman, vacant land Graytown, $51,930.
Genoa Corp.
    10-13-10 Fannie Mae to Gary L. and Mary C. Parker, 215 South Main, $49,900.

Week of 10/18/10
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 14 October 2010 12:55

Benton Township
10-4-10 Ronald D. and Tamara C. Pringle to Adam T. McGlothlin and Rachael N. Rowan, 15399 West Toussaint North Road, $142,000.

Carroll Township
10-5-10 James W. Shoemaker , II to Trade Winds of Oak Harbor, 10295 West Salem Carroll Road, $30,000.

Clay Township
10-4-10 Wesley M. and Casey L. Rethman t o Thomas A. and Peggy A. Skees, 2744 North 1st Street, $110,000.

10-5-10 Jansen Clay Knickerbocker to Mark W. and Brenda S. Swartzmiller, NE ¼ Section 24, $110,000.

Week ending Oct. 1
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 07 October 2010 08:28

Benton Township
9-30-10 Naomi K. Foss to Emily K. Kruse and Gretchen Tedrow, Stange Road, $80,622.34.

Carroll Township
10-1-10 James and Carol Smercina to Theodore Floriana and Diane Lepard, 1190 North Toussaint South Road, $176,000.

10-1-10 Thomas and Debra Brough to Michael and Sue Blakely, 9200 Duff Washa Road, $155,000.

Clay Township
9-28-10 Sabrina M. furfeson to Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, 23180 State Route 51 West, $53,334.

9-28-10 Mark D. and Kathy K, Venzke to Beneficial Ohio Inc., 20136 West Holts Road, $80,000.

9-29-10 Michael Myers and Gregory Borton to Wesley M. and Casey L. Retham, 22931 West Hellwig Road, $161,150.

Catawba Township
9-27-10 Karen L. Crall to Robert S and Linda M. Kehl and Dnald J. and Sharon L. Filibeck, 5896 North Catawba Road, $244,500.

9-27-10 Fred E. and Noel Kolman to Karen L. Crall, 270 North Crest Drive, $233,000.

Week ending Sept. 24
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 15:13

Allen Township
9-20-10 David P. and Tina M. Vogelpohl and Steven C. Vogelpohl to Lindsay M. Velliquette, 21473 West Curtice East & West Road, $70,000.

Benton Township
9-24-10 Jackson Family Investments to Daniel A. and Jennifer M. Jensen, 34 acres, $136,000.

Carroll Township
9-20-10 HSBC Bank USA to Richard A. and Joyce E. Rospert, 6355 North 3rd Street, $44,500.

9-24-10 Brittney Marie Sapin to Rickey W. Waibel Sr. and Peggy A. Waibel, 8920 Canada Goose Court, $108,000.

Clay Township
9-23-10 Barbara J. Myers to Timothy M. Runion, 3rd Street, $2,400.

Catawba Township
9-24-10 Mark and Diane Schuster to Ralph J. and Irma M. Hammer, 5318 East Hull Road, 3 parcel’s,  $135,000.

9-24-10 Lawrence W.Beckler to Carl C.and Nancy J. Linn, 5038 Water Street, $225,000.

Danbury Township
9-20-10 Keith and Linda Willis to Gerald M. Cornell, vacant lot South Port Pleasant Drive, $25,000.

9-20-10 Keith and Linda Wills to Francisco R. and Christine M. Orozco, 2471 South Port Pleasant Drive, $122,500.

9-21-10 Donald F. Provonsil to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 383 South Deerwood Court, $43,334.

9-21-10 Louisville Title Agency to Uncle Linn, LLC, 2765 South Waterside Drive, $154,000.

9-21-10 Louisville Title Agency to Louisville Title Agency, Lot 23 & 25 Harbor Bay Estates, $120,000.

9-21-10 Brian A. Cole & Associates, LTD to Lake Road Investors, LLC, 146 North Laser Lane, $77,000.

9-24-10 Mark E. and Kathleen S. Lucas to James C. and Janene C. Pierce, 378 Lighthouse Oval, $114,500.

Marblehead Corp
9-22-10 Park View Quarry Real Estate, LLC to James Dennis and Lisa Louise Charbonneau, 4555 Forest Glenn, $550,000.

Erie Township
9-21-10 Louis P. and Teana T. Stocco to David R. and Cynthia A. Obergefell, Unit 1-10 North Channel Storage Condo, $36,000.

Harris Township
9-20-10 Jack Claar to Calvin J. Magsig, 3790 Schutt Toad, $14,900.

Portage Township
9-24-10 John C. and Pamela Smith to Jeffrey A. and Debera J. Laurer, 337 North Miami Beach Drive, $100,000.

Port Clinton City
9-23-10 Theresa Bickley to Jose R. Martinez, 428 Huron Court, $1,100.

9-24-10 Dawn M. Angel to Cathy A. Schellin, 705 Glendale Street, $134,000.

9-24-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Paul Panuto, 402 East Seventh Street, $52,000.

Middle Bass
9-20-10 Joyce and Ernest Rickard to Timothy W. and Pamela Rickard, Lot 392 Burgundy Bay, $45,000.

9-24-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Martin D. Harayda, 19 Anchor Lane, $67,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
9-21-10 Russell D. and Cynthia J. Havener to Fannie Mae, 429 West Water Street, $98,334.

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