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Week ending April 27
Written by J. Patrick Eaken   
Friday, 04 May 2012 10:31

Carroll Township
    4-23-12 Willis L. Deeds to Heather Powell, 8866 Canada goose Court, $56,331.
Genoa Corp.
    4-25-12 Genoa Properties, LLC to Rebel Yell, LLC, 2215 West State Route 51, $1,700,000.
Catawba Township
    4-23-12 Richard C. and Marilyn A. Peiffer to Mark F. and Carol S. Blakeslee, 3763 East Pine Drive, $138,000.
    4-26-12 James A. and Karyn L. Carlin to Russell Canterbury and Linda Trent, 1859 NE Catawba Road #147,$61,390.
    4-27-12 Jeanne M. Reep to Jennifer L. Bergman, 3549 Cliff Road, $94,980.
Danbury Township
    4-23-12 The Cove on the Bay, LLC to Jeffrey R. Hurlbut, 2651 South Amherst, $39,900.
    4-24-12 Mark E. Rigg and Daniel Steingraber to Frederick L. Schnoor Jr. and Shelley G. Schnoor, 183 North Reidmaier , $137,750.
     4-25-12 Charter Captians Marina, LLC to West Harbor Marina, LLC, 1600 Buck Road, $412,000.
    4-26-12 Timothy and Jennifer Shaffer to Richard and Lynn Nyzen, 9886 Bayshore Road Unit 27, $262,000.

Marblehead Corp
     4-25-12 Benjamin C. and Wendy A. Richmond to William C. and Deborah M. Steinbrick, 215 West Main Street, $130,000.
Port Clinton City
    4-24-12 Minnie L. Arthur to The Bank of New York Mellon, 645 Laurel Avenue, $63,334.
    4-24-12 Michael E. and Christine M. Reynolds to Chery M. Druyor, 310 East Fourth Street, $96,000.
    4-25-12 James J. and Rebecca L. Cross to Robert J. Lempke II and Elise L. Chaffin, 419 East Fifth Street, $121,000.
    4-26-12 Leonard E. and Karen S. Loftus to Homelenders, LLC, 1528 East Perry Street, $111,000.
    4-27-12 Heath N. Krupp and Kylah M. Buckley to Jake C. and michelle S. Greener, 430 Laurel Avenue, $57,500.
    4-27-12 Theresa M. Fisher to Scott A. and Cheryl Pratt, 112 East 11th Street, $135,000
    4-27-12 Quynhgiao N. Nguyen to Dennis K. Goodrick and Michele A. Kovalchik, 513 West Lakeshore Drive #C6, $127.000.
Put In Bay Village School
    4-25-12 Skyway Restaurant & Lounge, LLC to Put In Bay Synergy, LLC, 1248 Tri Motor, $600,000.
    4-25-12 Donald O. Thwaite, Jr. to Put In Bay Synergy, LLC, 1230 Tri Moter, part interest $150,000.
    4-25-12 Susan M. Thwaite to Put In Bay Synergy, LLC, 1230 Tri Motor, part interest $150,000.
    4-25-12 Donald O. Thwaite, Jr. to John R. Donahue, 1230 Tri Motor, part interest $150,000.
    4-25-12 Susan M. Thwaite to John R. Donahue, 1230 Tri Motor, part interest $150,000.


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