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Week of 3/19/12
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Thursday, 15 March 2012 13:10

Benton Township
3-8-12 Edmund C. Eck Sr.  and Betty Y. Eck to Mark W. Warnke, 14945 West State Route 2, $58,500.

3-9-12 Ilona L. Harris to James C. and Mona L. Vogelbacher, 6615 Nissen , $40,000.

Sand Beach
3-7-12 Therran G. Arebaugh to Tana A. Nutter-Colanduoni, 6396 North Third Street, $75,900.

Genoa Corp.
3-7-12 Rachel A. Cousino to Federal National Mortgage Association, 402 Main Street, $40,000.

Catawba Township
3-5-12 Eleanor Humphrey to Quinstock LLC, 3698 NE Catawba Road, $180,000.

Danbury Township
3-5-12 Northcoast Development Group, Inc to RQH, Inc, 8980 Hartshorn Road, $143,500.

3-7-12 Kathryn L. Madigan to Howard W. and Hazel L. Calame, 2509 Bay Vista, $52,686.30.

3-8-12 Bar Harbor Reserve, LLC to Allan and Dixie Caeron, Unit 1-7 Bar Harbor Reserve Condo, $50,000.

Marblehead Corp
3-7-12 Benjamin C. and Wendy A. Richmond to Danbury Properties LLC, 1002 Lake Street, $464,000.

Erie Township
3-5-12 Dennis L. Epke to Jennifer L. and Franklin B. Wahner, 46 North Monroe Street, $100,000.

Harris Township
3-5-12 Sherry K. Rollins to Troy O. and Sandra K. Anthony, 1830 West sugar View Drive, $400,000.

3-6-12 Edward I. Pedrosa to John M. Buck, 14319 West Elmore Eastern, $129,000.

Port Clinton City
3-6-12 Thomas Benore to Bruce L. and Joni S. Persinger, 519 West 2nd Street, $6,000.

3-9-12 Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC to Buckeye Investment N.W.O., Perry Street, $25,000.

3-9-12 Shirley K. Martin to Buckeye Investment N.W. O.., new split Buckeye Blvd., $112,500.

Middle Bass
3-7-12 David E. Herring et al to William M. Clark, 1305 Gant, $38,000.

Put In Bay Corp
3-5-12 Monica L. Drake to Sleeping on the Rock LLC dba Wee Anchor, 210 Concord Avenue, $665,000.

Salem Township
3-6-12 Marjorie A. Priesman to Steve R. and Andrea S. Wagner, South Mudd Creek Road, $24,000.

3-7-12 Robert Stager to Kenneth G. Focht, 2983 State Route 19, $60,000.

3-8-12 Federal National Mortgage Association to Greater Metroplitan Title, LLC, 1099 South State Route 19, $9,500.

Oak Harbor Corp
3-9-12 Darlene Macko et al to Jon and Rosemary Ahrens, 760 North Locust, new split $5,000.

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