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Carroll Township
2-8-12 Robert G. Bird to Robert G. Wilkins, 3254 June Street, $103,000.

2-10-12 Dale and Deloris Thiede to Hasten and Pamela Wright, 8842 Canada Goose Court, $55,500.

Genoa Corp.
2-7-12 Shirley E. Skokane to Curtis N. Carr, 102 East Third Street, $48,500.

Danbury Township
2-8-12 Anthony D. and Catherine E. Liberatore to M2H Properties, 6874 Long point Circle, $180,000.

Marblehead Corp
2-6-12 Molly B. Cooperider to Michael R. and Anne L. Bickley, 1205 Stoutenburg, $260,000.

Erie Township
2-10-12 Stephen J. and Laurette A. Oldham to Jon H. Cooper Jr. and Tamera S. cooper, 33 Schooner Point, $120,000.

Harris Township
2-6-12 Robert B. Zipfel to Theodore H. James , 1981 West Portage River Road, $100,000.

2-10-12 Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael and Elizabet Lieb, 14444 West State Route 105, $83,000.

Portage Township
2-10-12 Clyde J. Greer to Stan Gebhardt, 2214 East Harbor Road, $75,000.

Port Clinton
2-8-12 Sunshine Land II, LLC to Mary Kay Leedy, 711 West Lakeshore Drive Unit 306, $87,000.

Salem Township
2-7-12 Harry T. and Sandra C. Bryer to Tahsin M. El- Natsheh and Christinn A. Natsheh, 10650 West Elmore Eastern Road, $187,000.

2-10-12 Mark and Lori Schmiehausen to Jack and Terri Glass, 11730 Michael Drive, $26,500.

Oak Harbor Corp
2-7-12 Diane Lepard to Casey Joy, 335 North Benton Street, $83,848.

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