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Week endiing Dec. 30
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Thursday, 06 January 2011 14:22

Allen Township
12-27-10 Hasan Odeh to Amneh Tabeteh, West State Route 51, $10,000.

Benton Township
12-28-10 Donna L. Dusseau to Ronald P.Lajti Jr. and Danielle K. Lajti, 1724 North State Route 590, new split, $86,604.

Rocky Ridge Corp
12-27-10 Donald C. Diefenthaler et al to Jarrell K. and Debra K. Green, 14992 West 3rd Street, $105,300.

Bay Township
12-29-10 Clifford G. and Vicki L. Krynock to Fannie Mae, 1570 West Wilcox Road, $253,000.

Clay Township
12-28-10 Patricia Maysig to Terrence R. Arndt, 20796 West Main Street, $11,000.

12-29-10 Jeffrey M.Buhrow to Fannie Mae, 19610 West Hellwig Road, $66,000.

Catawba Township
12-28-10 Christopher L. and Kristi L. Clabaugh to Daniel R. and Louise M. Terry, 5150 East North point Drive, $388,000.

Danbury Township
12-28-10 West Harbor Boataminium to James and Melinda Trocano, 1510 North Buck Road #73, $71,810.

12-29-10 Linda W. Curtis and Timothy T. Skoh to Edward L. Bettendorf, 420 Plum Avenue, $342,000.

12-29-10 Gary J. and Marianne Primozich to Steven William and Karen Sue Bauman, 2381 South Commodore Court, $245,000.

12-29-10 Jennifer L. Kelley to U. S. Bank, 2046 South Olaf Drive, $150,000.

12-29-10 U.S. Bank to Shawn C.Giammella, 9080 East Parkview Court, $140,000.

12-29-10 Gerald M. Veverka to Cesar A. and Karen L. Dominguez, 7432 East Harbor Road, $148,900.

Marblehead Corp
12-27-10 Smuggler’s Baypointe I, LLC to Otfriend Niedermaier and Helen M. Sheehan, 10654 East Bayshore #95, $220,000.

12-29-10 John C. and Annette T. Lipaj to Brian V. and Susan M. Pero, 10921 East Bayshore Drive, Unit 502,  

Elmore Corp.
12-29-10 Fannie Mae to Lynda Walker-Rickmeyer, 416 Clinton Street, $39,375.

Portage Township
12-29-10 David R. and Bridget Beeman to JADAS, 331 Miami Beach Drive, $130,000.

12-29-10 Mitchell A. and Marsha Warnike to Jonel and Anna Rosu, Unit 314 & 316 Aqua Aire Drive, $73,500.

Port Clinton City
12-28-10 Ronald and Crystal Walker to Frank D. Smith, 308 West Perry Street, $80,000.

12-29-10 Charles P. Stinson to U.S. Bank, 816 East 3rd Street, $41,000.

12-29-10 Angela M. Dine to Consolidated RV Holdings, Inc., Meter Road, $35,000.

12-29-10 Marian Gigi Klein to Alma R. Daniels, 424 East Second Street, $110,000.

12-29-10 Curtis Knoch to Daniel and Rebecca Diaz, 1012 Kasper Street, $155,000.
1219-10 Barry J. and Linda L. Morton to Paul W. and Beth L. Mortinger, 354 Clinton Reef, $85,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
12-27-10 HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Laura J. Mattimoe, 247 North Church Street, $33,200.

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