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Benton Township
12-14-10 Ronald and Ann Pfeiffer to David L. and Dawn L. Pfeiffer, State Route 2, $187,168.

12-14-10 Edward L. and Michele A. Goans to Heather R. and Jesse J. Sydebotham, 17160 West Walbridge East Road, $170,000.

Bay Township
12-13-10 Johnnie and Sherry D. McCullough to James E. and Sandra K. Coe, 531 South Findley Street, #118, $40,000.

Carroll Township
12-13-10 Thomas F. and Bonnie L. Jacobs to Joseph J. and Brenda S. Durbin, 10025 West Scott, $7,750.

12-15-10 Gary Layman, Paul Layman and Susan Atkinson to Randall A. and Elizabeth A. Schiets, 1211 North Toussaint South Road, new split $12,500.

12-15-10 Gary Layman, Paul Layman, and Susan Atkinson to Jeffrey M. and Susan C. Martin, West Salem Carroll Road, new split 7 acres $19,600.

12-15-10 Thomas F. and Bonnie L. Jacobs to Robert A. and Jean S. Durbin, 10025 West Scott, $157,020.

Catawba Township
12-14-10 James P. Covell and Colleen Talty to Megan J. Straw, 1779 North Windward Drive, $120,000.

12-16-10 Ronald E. Mead to Joseph C. and Joyce A. Hoffman, 2507 North Harborside Lane, $120,000.

Danbury Township
12-17-10 Howard L. Munholand to Dwight and Alice C.L. King, 503 Oak, $146,000.

Erie Township
12-13-10 Kevin G. Hosko to Szuch Fishery, 3446 West Lakeshore drive, $99,000.

Elmore Corp.
12-14-10 Triple Builders, LLC to Norman J. Cook, 253 Harris Street, $91,500.

Portage Township
12-14-10 MCSFC, LTD to Moore Lakeshore Investment Limited, 250 Catawba Road new split $150,000.

12-15-10 Sandra L. Bolek to Mitchell and Marsha Warnike, 3720 Aqua Aire Drive, $31,000.

Port Clinton City
12-13-10 Kenneth and Michelle Komar to Robert and Rose Wagner, 236 West Lakeshore Drive Apt. F, $129,000.

Put In Bay Village School
12-15-10 Put-In-Bay Homes LLC to 6610 Engle Road LLC, lot 8 Island Bay Estates Subdivision, $130,000.

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