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For the Week of 12/13/10
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Thursday, 09 December 2010 11:23

Benton Township
11-29-10 Jarrell K. and Debra K .Green to Alex T. and Kasey L. Purtee, 2014 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $87,900.

Bay Township
11-30-10 John Fellhauer to Dean Damman, 1157 & 1175 West Fremont Road, $48,667.

12-1-10 Phillip M. Haubert and Rebecca L. Hall to Mark F.Reineck, 3028 Mabel Lane, $60,157.75.

12-1-10 Gregory B. and Deborah K. Perl to Fannie Mae, 2730 West Columbus Street, $90,000.

12-1-10 John W. Bauer to Jeffrey P. and Ellen J. Saffran, 2880 West Cleveland Road, $32,000.

12-1-10 Timothy D. and Patricia A. Watts to William T. Gedeon Jr. and Suzanne Gedeon, 620 Fostoria Street, $128,900.

Catawba Township
11-30-10 Patricia F. Jacobson to William A. and Louise Grim, 3740 North Cliff Road, $139,000.

11-30-10 Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services to Carl R. and Doris D. Willert, 629 North Vineyard Circle, $220,000.

12-1-10 John D. and Nancy L. Isaly to Tom Debbink, 2105 North carriage Lane, $330,000.

12-1-10 Eric j. and Theresa C. Schramm to Karl P. Scheutzon, 4696 E. Karlite Drive, $170,000.

12-3-10 Jack H. and Claudette E. Pesti to John and Sisanne Callahan, 5534 & 5533 Channel Drive, $180000.

12-3-10 Stoddard L. and Robyn L. Lawrence to F. Joseph Bires, 4428 East Harbor’s Edge Drive #2, $275,000.

Danbury Township
11-29-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Wendy L. and Frank Wright, 383 Deerwood Court, $37,000.

12-1-10 Brian D. Buchanan and Jennie L. Huber to Citibank, 303 South Springcrest Drive, $46,000.

12-2-10 Fred J. and Johanna Toma to Sonja A. Toma, 2489 Knob Hill, $141,000.

Marblehead Corp
11-29-1-0 Ronald C. and Janine P. Seitz to Dale R. and Candace H. Muetzel, 2006 Pleasantview, $127,000.

11-29-10 Susan E. and James R. Waingrow to Dennis W. and Linda Notek, 4605 South Memorial Shoreway Drive, $631,000.

11-29-10 Bay Point Acquisition, LLC to Walden H.Whyman, Lot #13 Bay Point, $400,000.

11-30-10 Darlene Smith to Floyd E. and Jacqueline A. Sypherd, 8595 East Harbor Road, $30,000.  

Erie Township
12-1-10 Erie Industrial Park Association LLC to Michael and Holly Szuch, vacant land State Route 2, $210,295.

Harris Township
12-1-10 HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Charles Wine and Kimberly Beckman, 18770 West State Route 105, $127,000.

Portage Township
11-29-10 Marguerite A. Hersberger to Matthew A. Capodice, 1941 East State Road, $130,370.

Port Clinton City
12-1-10 Beverly A. Gower et al to Federal National Mortgage Association, 508 Laurel Avenue, $56,667.

12-1-10 Jacob A. Feuhrer to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association, 912 East Third Street, $39,690.

12-1-10 Federal National Mortgage Association to Curtis S. Knoch, 117 Washington Street, $45,000.

12-2-10 Maurice E. and Betty J. Fox to Foster Leasing Company, 331 Cedar Street, $55,000.

12-3-10 Alpha Meek to Rodger and Jean Wagner, 416 Adams Street, $41,000. 

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