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Carroll Township
1-22-10 Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Brian K. Wood, 1599 North Toussaint Portage Road, $97,000.
1-22-10 HSBC Mortgage Service Inc to Aaron M Fouke, 1571 Kristen Road, $141,000.
1-20-10 US Bank National Association to Jeanne M. Gloor, 8981 West Duff Washa Road, $26,925.

Clay Township
1-22-10 Erma Ruth Snyder to Fifth Third Bank, new split 7.039 acres,$21,117.

Danbury Township
1-22-10 Bailiwick Company LLC to Charles A. and Lynn J. Rasko, 14 Bailiwick Lane, $245,000.
1-19-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to James R. and Shelia A. Sachs, 108 Sunnydale Lane, $28,000.

Erie Township
1-19-10 Linda Fouts, Larry Gulau and Rebecca Witt to Dennis J. and Mary t. Coles, 6711 West harbor Road, $115,000.

Portage Township
1-22-10 Moore Business Consulting, LLC to MCSFC Realty, LTD, 250 SE Catawba Road, $700,000.

Port Clinton City
1-19-10 Robert J. and Mary B. Berner to John W. Harrington, 266 Clinton Reef, $96,000.
1-19-10 Chris Kleinhans et al to Bank of America National Association, 221 Fulton Street, $32,667.

Salem Township
1-20-10 Scott A and Ann M Schiming to Steven R. Zbierajewski, Toussaint Road 23.26 acres, $70,000.
1-20-10 Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael C. and Meagan J. Rohde, 9365 West State Route 163, $158,500. 

Oak Harbor Corp
1-21-10 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael A. Jennison, 242 South Robinson Drive, $124,000.

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