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Wednesday, 02 December 2009 14:57

Rocky Ridge Corp
11-25-09 Kai A. and Renee S. Ward to US Bank National Association, 14573 West Third Street, $36,667.

Carroll Township
11-25-09 Richard D. & Barbara J. Truitt to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., 6665 North Crescent, $70,000.
11-23-09 Jody D. Henry, et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 11565 West Salem Carroll Road, $115,000.

Genoa Corp
11-25-09 Lynn M. and Jesse A. Ramsey to Federal National Mortgage Assiciation, 208 Buckeye Street, $97,533.

Catawba Township
11-23-09 William R. and Sharon S. Dittman to Robert L. and Jackie J. Holbert, 1660 North Compass Avenue, $255,000.

Danbury Township
11-24-09 John H. and Laura J. Podsiadlo to Yvonne L. Hutchson, 2231 Harborview Dr., Lot 30, $127,900.
11-24-09 Richard Gregory MOG to Warren E. Champlin II, 329 North Florence Drive, $80,000.
11-23-09 Thomas P. Cendroski, Jr. and Joyce J. Cendroski to Raymond E. and Julia M. Frankart, 2043 South Tecumseh, $145,000.

Marblehead Corp.
11-23-09 Johnson’s Island Investment Group LLC to Edward J. and Mary C. Daniels, 3936 South Woodcliff, $50,000.
11-24-09 Ronald A. Cepis, Nancy K. Cepis and John T. Mazur to Frank G. and Daniela V. De Nigris, Lot 431 Bay Haven Estates, $80,000.

Portage Township
11-23-09 Charnell Shores, LLC to Mark J. Miller and Sheau-Ping HU, Lot 41 Tillotson’s Sub. Sand Road, $215,000.
11-24-09 Randall J. and Lisa M. Beil to Terry Wilkinson, 2416 East Schiewe, $207,500.
11-24-09 David Hepkins to JDM Structures, LTD, State Route 163, $39,000.
11-25-09 Jancor Properties LTD to Kenneth S. Spero, 680 Plasterbed Road, $32,500.

Oak Harbor Corp
11-25-09 Ryan Alan Pickut to Lori L. Clune, 255 South Robinson, $160,000.
11-24-09 Debra L. Seeger to Emily M. Barry, 151 South Brookside Drive, $210,000

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